Spelling fix.
[konversation:greboids-konversation.git] / TODO
2009-06-02 Urs WolferPrefer https for bugs.kde.org
2006-08-27 Eike HeinAdd newlines, just in case ...
2006-08-27 Eike HeinClean out/update the boilerplate files.
2005-06-11 İsmail DönmezSVN_SILENT Update TODO
2005-04-02 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Update
2005-03-26 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Updates
2005-01-16 İsmail DönmezDirk fixed "show away message only once as long as...
2005-01-03 İsmail Dönmez/cycle command
2005-01-03 İsmail DönmezEvents for dcc chat
2005-01-03 İsmail Dönmezpsn added events for queries during aKademy. So remove...
2005-01-01 İsmail DönmezAlready added colored nick support. Remove from TODO
2005-01-01 İsmail DönmezKNotify for kicks. Also s/dccIncomming/dccIncoming...
2005-01-01 İsmail DönmezClicking on notify message now opens a query. One more...
2005-01-01 İsmail DönmezRemove some todo I and others fixed
2004-12-15 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT This seems to work too
2004-12-15 İsmail DönmezWow I even fixed a TODO
2004-12-04 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT psn added this already and JohnFlux improved.
2004-12-04 İsmail DönmezDcc receive works with IPv6 and Dcc send can't work...
2004-12-02 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Sigh
2004-11-08 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Update
2004-11-03 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Some more TODO for midterm. Possibly I will...
2004-10-31 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Clean up / comment
2004-10-19 Peter Simonssonupdate todo and changelog
2004-10-02 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT QCA Todo
2004-08-17 Peter SimonssonImplemented: - "Open Watched Nicks Online panel on...
2004-08-16 Dario AbatianniConsistancy check for identities prior to connecting...
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezTODO done : MOTD should use standard font by default
2004-08-15 Dario Abatianni""
2004-08-14 İsmail DönmezSummer cleanup. Remove already fixed items.
2004-08-09 Shintaro Matsuokaupdate
2004-08-09 İsmail DönmezDon't let CommandChar to be empty.
2004-08-08 Shintaro Matsuokaupdate
2004-08-02 Shintaro MatsuokaDone: DCC port range
2004-07-11 İsmail DönmezCCMAIL:psn@linux.se
2004-07-02 Eli MacKenzie- Added a limit to the number of lines held in buffers.
2004-06-20 Dario Abatianniadded TODO item
2004-06-19 Dario AbatianniAdded some more things to discussion
2004-06-18 Peter SimonssonImplement away timer
2004-06-18 Peter SimonssonRedirect all "technical" messages to the status window
2004-06-18 Peter Simonsson* Fix handling http://user@domain.com/ urls
2004-06-16 İsmail DönmezIdeas ideas...
2004-06-13 İsmail DönmezKonversation now with Fortunes support just a /exec...
2004-06-12 Michael GoettscheAdded option to disable %C, %B, %G, etc. expansion.
2004-06-12 Michael GoettscheDon't trigger events when we did highlight ourselves.
2004-06-12 Michael Goettsche"/part" works now in Queries, too.
2004-06-11 Christian MuehlhaeuserDocs update.
2004-06-11 Christian MuehlhaeuserSORRY for removing the numbers, again. I will fix,...
2004-06-11 Michael GoettscheCleaned up TODO a bit
2004-06-11 Michael GoettscheRemoved obsolete TODO items.
2004-06-11 İsmail DönmezReformatted TODO. Easy jobs & hard jobs exist. Lets...
2004-06-09 Peter SimonssonOk now the nick button should change if the nick change...
2004-06-09 İsmail DönmezFix my TODO item. Ability to read utf8 encoded messages...
2004-06-07 Michael GoettscheAdded an item to TODO(nickchange button).
2004-06-07 Michael GoettscheAdd a TODO item(dcc ETA counter)
2004-06-06 Michael GoettscheAdded the possibility to execute commands on server...
2004-05-04 Dario Abatianniupdated todo
2004-04-15 Dario AbatianniFixed the /query oneuser, /msg anotheruser problem
2004-04-01 Dario AbatianniDCC resume now offers a rename dialog
2004-03-21 Dario AbatianniThe IMO most impoortant TODO items are now on top of...
2004-01-13 Gary CramblittNicks Online is now a tabbed panel, rather than separat...
2004-01-10 Dario AbatianniLarge paste editor is now part of the warning dialog
2004-01-06 Dario AbatianniDon't close channel tabs on reconnection
2004-01-06 Dario AbatianniDon't close channel tabs on reconnection
2004-01-06 Dario AbatianniAdded entries
2003-12-25 Dario AbatianniMade coloring of nicklist and input widgets an option
2003-12-23 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT This function better...
2003-12-18 Dario AbatianniLogfile reader can now save and delete logs
2003-12-16 Dario AbatianniLogfiles now have the server group in their name so...
2003-12-05 Dario AbatianniAdded dialog to close queries on ignore
2003-12-04 Dario AbatianniImplemented an option to hide Join / Part / Nickchange...
2003-12-04 Dario AbatianniRemoved TODO item
2003-12-04 Stephan BinnerRight click a channel list item and you get a menu...
2003-12-03 Dario AbatianniServer list is now a tree list
2003-12-01 Dario Abatianni/aaway test case
2003-11-25 Dario AbatianniRejoin all open channels on reconnect (by psn)
2003-11-22 Dario AbatianniPatched URL regex to not match stuff like aw..nice :)
2003-11-22 Peter SimonssonHighlight email addresses
2003-11-16 Dario Abatianniadded i18n strings
2003-11-14 Dario AbatianniNew todo item
2003-11-10 Dario AbatianniAdded todo item
2003-11-01 Dario AbatianniFix for joining large channels
2003-10-28 Dario AbatianniShow human readable idle time in whois info
2003-10-28 Dario AbatianniRe-enabled horizontal scrollbar on channel list
2003-10-28 Dario AbatianniJust apply the filter after each refresh, that's how...
2003-10-28 Dario AbatianniGet channel list when apply filter is clicked and the...
2003-10-28 Dario AbatianniUpdated TODO
2003-10-27 Stanislav KarchebnyMore ignore wishes from cartman =)
2003-10-27 Dario AbatianniImplemented /say command
2003-10-27 Dario AbatianniAdded Whois item on query menus
2003-10-27 Dario AbatianniMore work on extended modes
2003-10-27 Dario AbatianniAdded patch for extended modes, more work on this pending
2003-10-25 Dario AbatianniAdded more shortcuts
2003-10-25 Stephan BinnerAdded shortcut for /clear
2003-10-22 Dario AbatianniKDE 3.0 co
2003-10-14 Dario AbatianniPut IRCEvent into its own file
2003-10-13 Dario AbatianniUpdated TODO
2003-10-13 Dario AbatianniUpdated Todo
2003-10-11 Dario AbatianniAdded /ignore command and nick list context menu entry
2003-10-11 Dario AbatianniPossible fix for scrollbar positioning on hide/show
2003-10-11 Dario AbatianniPossible fix for scrollbar positioning on hide/show