Rewrote weather script to be more readable and to fix
[konversation:konversation.git] / scripts / weather
2007-08-10 İsmail DönmezRewrote weather script to be more readable and to fix...
2007-05-16 İsmail DönmezSVN_SILENT mail fix
2006-08-22 Eike HeinFix the scripts.
2005-08-30 İsmail DönmezBold is back
2005-08-29 İsmail DönmezPort to python bold thingie is fucked but wireless...
2005-01-27 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Same minor fix here. Quotes are auto escaped...
2005-01-18 İsmail DönmezDon't interpret shell variables. Patch by cooekie....
2004-12-11 İsmail DönmezFixed the real bug. Revert last here
2004-12-11 İsmail DönmezThis may fix character weirdness
2004-12-07 İsmail Dönmezperl  + unicode = teh suckage
2004-12-05 İsmail DönmezStart of nicklist icon themes.Works but needs UI and...
2004-10-15 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT Copyright info and update README
2004-10-15 İsmail DönmezMake it fast here too
2004-10-12 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT --debug
2004-10-12 İsmail DönmezCorrectly show error message.
2004-10-11 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT hr hr
2004-10-09 Frerich Raabe- Work on FreeBSD, too. The uptime script will need...
2004-09-02 İsmail DönmezDon't be annoying.
2004-08-18 İsmail DönmezMore details!
2004-08-17 İsmail DönmezFix details for the last time I hope grrrr
2004-08-17 İsmail DönmezSimplify code
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezBug Free now really
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezCVS_SILENT : Cleanup
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezWarn if we can't find kweather. Now we must be totally...
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezWhat kinda perl monkey am I :(
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezTry fixing shin's bug also fix details
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezAccept a command line argument for station so /weather...
2004-08-16 İsmail DönmezWork with multiple weather stations
2004-08-15 İsmail DönmezBeautification : $detail can be empty
2004-08-15 İsmail DönmezA cool weather script coded by me uses KWeatherService...