2007-08-10 İsmail DönmezRewrote weather script to be more readable and to fix...
2007-08-07 Eike HeinAdd Eli's fix. SVN_SILENT
2007-08-07 Eike HeinAdd KPlayer support to the 'media' script.
2007-08-06 Eli MacKenzieclear modes, bans, topic on disconnect
2007-08-06 Eike HeinRewrite /me parsing to be less hackish and display...
2007-08-06 Shintaro Matsuokashow ETA correctly
2007-08-06 Shintaro Matsuokaenable Resend button only when appropriate
2007-08-01 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2007-08-01 Eli MacKenzie-some spaghetti to display mode for your nick and chann...
2007-07-28 Peter SimonssonDon't let a selection affect the scrollbar position
2007-07-25 Peter SimonssonOnly go over the string while it's too long
2007-07-25 Peter SimonssonRewrote the string splitting to work on all unicode...
2007-07-23 Eike Hein* Fixed "Open File" DCC dialog remembering the last...
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonDon't use lowercase nick... Patch by MoDax
2007-07-22 Peter Simonssonnickname => m_nickname and fix previous commit so we...
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonUse the correct variable
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonDon't crash if we for some reason doesn't get any nicki...
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonAdd tab encoding and notifications to the window menu
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonLet's treat 307 and 320 equally until we decide what...
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonAdd a show at application startup checkbox
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonLet's see if this makes auto /who a bit more reliable
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonRemove cacheing of alternate background
2007-07-22 Peter SimonssonUpdate the font in the special char dialog
2007-07-21 Peter Simonsson* Fix for the info update in the details panel when...
2007-07-20 Eike HeinBuild system optimization by Debian.
2007-07-20 Peter SimonssonTry the standard way first
2007-07-19 Peter SimonssonUse correct port for dcc chat. Patch by Raphael Kubo...
2007-07-17 Dario AbatianniFixed empty ircviews if scrollback buffer was set to...
2007-07-14 Eli MacKenzieSVN_SILENT: once is enough
2007-07-10 Peter SimonssonFocus nick input after new
2007-07-10 Peter SimonssonDon't ask on quit when closing the session
2007-07-08 Peter Simonssonless debug
2007-07-08 Peter Simonssononce should be enough :)
2007-07-08 Peter Simonssononly restore selection once per append, also only resiz...
2007-07-08 Peter SimonssonOnly try to restore the selection when we got a selecti...
2007-07-08 Eli MacKenziesilence unnecessary qWarning emanating from the bowels...
2007-07-08 Eli MacKenzierevert background colour support. Qt bugs prevent this...
2007-07-08 Eike HeinHousekeeping. SVN_SILENT
2007-07-08 Peter SimonssonClean up the code so that I don't get a headache each...
2007-07-08 Peter SimonssonMake queries less confused about which to use in contex...
2007-07-08 Peter SimonssonEven less double qouted files
2007-07-08 Peter SimonssonDon't force any shortcuts leave it up to the shortcut...
2007-07-08 Peter SimonssonMake sure not showing double qouted filenames when...
2007-07-07 Peter SimonssonDon't double quote some files
2007-07-07 Peter SimonssonRemove extra space
2007-07-07 Peter Simonsson* Remove some unused bools
2007-07-07 Peter SimonssonMake channel context menu work in statuspanel
2007-07-07 Peter SimonssonDon't create a string for just one char
2007-07-07 Peter SimonssonAdd -P to the df options to handle long device names...
2007-07-07 Peter SimonssonMake fortune work when variable expansion is turned off
2007-07-07 Peter Simonsson* Add encoding to do the same as charset.
2007-07-07 Peter SimonssonDon't translate timestamp choices. Patch by Spiros...
2007-06-26 Eike HeinChangelog update. SVN_SILENT
2007-06-26 Eike HeinReturn focus to the text display widget after closing...
2007-06-21 İsmail DönmezSVN_SILENT no need for usage here
2007-06-21 İsmail DönmezSVN_SILENT space before then
2007-06-21 İsmail Dönmezcleanup
2007-06-21 İsmail DönmezUpdate to new version, use wget if curl is not available
2007-06-20 İsmail Dönmezsupport an optional nick argument, patch by Ahmet Erdoğan
2007-06-15 İsmail DönmezSVN_IGNORE spacing
2007-06-15 İsmail Dönmezuse /usr/bin/env
2007-06-15 İsmail Dönmezhandle errors
2007-06-15 İsmail DönmezCopyright info
2007-06-15 İsmail Dönmezcheck for empty argument
2007-06-15 İsmail DönmezAdd tinyurl script from Terence Simpson, this is way...
2007-06-12 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2007-06-11 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2007-06-05 Laurent MontelFix signal/slot in ssl mode (now we can see error)
2007-05-29 Peter SimonssonFix bug 146103: Variable expansion causes problem when...
2007-05-18 Peter SimonssonSpeed up displaying the channel list
2007-05-18 Peter SimonssonRemove irc markup in the channel list
2007-05-16 Peter SimonssonReceiving text while being scrolled up should work...
2007-05-16 İsmail DönmezSVN_SILENT mail fix
2007-05-16 İsmail Dönmezfix it for real, sigh
2007-05-16 İsmail Dönmezmake it work
2007-05-11 Allen Winterdon't run the i18ncheckarg checker
2007-05-10 Peter SimonssonUse the correct palette
2007-05-03 Frederik Schwarzerremoved useless and conflicting accelerator
2007-04-30 Peter SimonssonMake code a bit less crashable... and only show theh...
2007-04-30 Peter SimonssonLet's remove the timer for triming the scrollback as...
2007-04-30 Eike HeinEBN
2007-04-23 Eike HeinIndulge EBN
2007-04-22 Peter Simonsson* Remove autojoin on invite option as there already...
2007-04-22 Eike HeinEBN; housekeeping.
2007-04-22 Peter Simonsson* Show dialog when autojoin on invite isn't checked
2007-04-22 Peter SimonssonSupport privmsg from the server
2007-04-22 Shintaro Matsuokaclean up (remove old codes)
2007-04-22 Shintaro Matsuokasome bugfixes against DccTransferRecv for Reverse DCC
2007-04-22 Shintaro Matsuokapolish DccCommon::createServerSocket()
2007-04-22 Shintaro Matsuokafix broken DCC CHAT request
2007-04-22 Shintaro Matsuokareplace the DCC common code in DccChat
2007-04-21 Peter SimonssonLess lower() to speed things up a bit
2007-04-21 Peter SimonssonUse the locales short date format
2007-04-21 Peter Simonsson* Only insert one server list action
2007-04-21 Peter SimonssonQTextEdit::clear() seems to have issues so let's avoid...
2007-04-21 Peter SimonssonLeak less
2007-04-21 Shintaro Matsuokafix broken DCC SEND request
2007-04-21 Shintaro Matsuokaadd Reverse DCC RECV support
2007-04-21 Shintaro Matsuokacheck DCC resume request more strictly
2007-04-21 Frederik Schwarzerlittle fixes