Drop some more data from Channel on disconnect.
[konversation:konversation.git] / src / irc / channelnick.cpp
2010-06-15 Eike HeinDrop some more data from Channel on disconnect.
2009-07-12 Peter SimonssonUpdate channel nicks correctly... Connecting the slot...
2009-07-11 Peter SimonssonDeQObjectify Nick and ChannelNick.
2009-07-06 Peter SimonssonMake ChannelNick::tooltip() const and clean up the...
2009-06-12 Eike HeinA large batch of include cleanups. A full build of...
2009-02-15 Laurent MontelDon't comment include moc
2009-02-08 Urs Wolfer* Port Q3TextStream -> QTextStream
2009-02-06 Urs Wolfer* major qt3to4 include cleanup
2009-02-06 Nicolas L├ęcureuilRemove endl from kDebug
2009-01-28 Eli MacKenziemanual fixups
2009-01-28 Eli MacKenzienew directory structure