last changeWed, 9 Jun 2010 22:25:59 +0000 (00:25 +0200)
2010-06-09 Josef P. BernhartWorked further on prolog interface, still not finished master
2010-06-06 Josef P. BernhartExtended prolog interface and wrote some testcode
2010-06-06 Josef P. BernhartWorked further on prolog interface
2010-06-06 Josef P. BernhartAdded more files to the buffer tkm approach
2010-06-04 Josef P. BernhartMerge branch 'experiments' of ssh://
2010-06-04 Josef P. BernhartWriting tescode regarding AI/Prolog 'buffers'
2010-05-23 Josef P. BernhartAdded code for argument parsing
2010-05-02 Josef P. BernhartBegan with the implementation of a create_function...
2010-04-25 Josef P. BernhartImproved phrase detection and unit-tests
2010-04-20 Josef P. BernhartKomencis frazoj
2010-04-18 Josef P. BernhartAdded routines for basic word tagging
2010-04-18 fantazoImproved unit tests
2010-04-18 Josef P. BernhartAdded some re-inventing the wheel libs, out of fun :-)
2010-04-11 Josef P. BernhartRestructured directory
2010-03-26 Josef P. BernhartPlayed around, started another try of the word detector
2010-02-15 Josef Philip... Cleaned repo
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