2011-07-22 Keith GoodmanMerge branch 'sortby' master
2011-07-22 Keith GoodmanTweaks to new sortby function. Closes #17.
2011-07-22 Fredrik HallgrenAdded function sortby and unit tests
2011-07-02 Keith GoodmanTwo bug fixes for empty input: lar.merge() and lar...
2011-06-22 Keith GoodmanDocstring tweaks.
2011-06-06 Keith GoodmanBump requirement from Bottleneck 0.4.3 to 0.5.0.
2011-06-02 Keith GoodmanFix for break caused by h5py 1.4.0beta2.
2011-05-28 Keith GoodmanIn the few remaining places switch to using __all__.
2011-05-28 Keith GoodmanNew function: la.isaligned(). Closes #16.
2011-05-07 Keith GoodmanRemove non-working 'in' and 'not in' options from larry...
2011-05-07 Keith GoodmanAllow negative lag in larry.lag() and bug fix zero...
2011-05-02 Keith GoodmanUpdate license to 2011.
2011-04-28 Keith GoodmanDoc tweaks. v0.5.0
2011-04-28 Keith GoodmanSet la 0.5.0 release date to today!
2011-04-13 Keith GoodmanSupport python 2.5 by importing `with` statement. Close...
2011-04-13 Keith GoodmanSwitch doc to point to github repo instead of gitorious.
2011-03-16 Keith GoodmanRemove zip_safe from Not used by disutils.
2011-03-16 Keith GoodmanRemoved deleted directory from
2011-03-13 Keith GoodmanReduce import time with lazy import of scipy:.
2011-03-12 Keith GoodmanRemove copy of scipy functions; use Bottleneck instead.
2011-03-10 Keith GoodmanOdds and ends in preparation of release. Details below:
2011-03-10 Keith GoodmanAdd optional `ddof` parameter to lar.std() and lar...
2011-03-10 Keith GoodmanDocstring fix. Closes #9.
2011-03-10 Keith GoodmanFixed "Warning: invalid value encountered in ..." Close...
2011-03-10 Keith GoodmanMerge branch 'bottleneck'
2011-03-10 Keith GoodmanDoc work for adding Bottleneck.
2011-03-07 Keith GoodmanRename moving window files from `mov` to `move`.
2011-03-07 Keith GoodmanUse moving window functions from Bottleneck.
2011-03-07 Keith GoodmanStart adding Bottleneck, everything except moving windo...
2010-11-17 Keith GoodmanAdded install instructions for Windows.
2010-11-17 Keith GoodmanAdd the new directories (farray, external) to
2010-11-14 Keith GoodmanAdd moving window statistics larry methods such as...
2010-11-14 Keith GoodmanMoving window statistics doc work.
2010-11-08 Keith GoodmanIO (hdf5 archiving) doc typos.
2010-11-08 Keith GoodmanAdded la.external.scipy.nanvar().
2010-11-07 Keith GoodmanMoving statistics doc work and mov_min(), mov_max(...
2010-11-06 Keith GoodmanAdded mov_median() and mov_nanmedian().
2010-11-06 Keith GoodmanAdded mov_nanranking() and mov_count().
2010-11-06 Keith GoodmanRemove mov_nanvar_cumsum() and mov_nanstd_cumsum().
2010-11-05 Keith GoodmanAdded mov_std() and mov_nanstd().
2010-11-04 Keith GoodmanAdded mov_var() and mov_nanvar().
2010-11-04 Keith GoodmanAdded mov_mean, mov_nanmean, mov_min, mov_nanmin.
2010-11-04 Keith GoodmanInitial commit of new moving statistics functions.
2010-11-01 Keith GoodmanSmall speed up in farray.mov_sum().
2010-10-31 Keith GoodmanFirst commit to gitorious. Testing a move from github...
2010-10-31 Keith GoodmanConvert module into a subpackage with four...
2010-10-30 Keith Goodmandemean, demedian, zscore choked on 1d input when axis...
2010-10-30 Keith Goodmanmov_sum is faster and code is cleaner.
2010-10-30 Keith Goodmanmov_sum() no longer treats Inf and -Inf as missing...
2010-10-30 Keith GoodmanDeprecated movingsum; use mov_sum.
2010-10-25 Keith GoodmanDoc tweak.
2010-10-24 Keith Goodmanquantile no longer chokes on axis=None or q=1. Closes #7.
2010-10-20 Keith GoodmanDoc Tweak.
2010-10-20 Keith GoodmanDoc tweak.
2010-10-20 Keith GoodmanDoc tweak.
2010-10-20 Keith GoodmanNew NaN-aware ndarray functions: demean, demedian,...
2010-10-19 Keith GoodmanDoc string tweak for larry.intersection().
2010-10-13 Keith GoodmanAdded larry.tofile() to save 1d and 2d larrys to text...
2010-10-12 Keith GoodmanBug fix in adjustment of volume from Yahoo Finance.
2010-10-12 Keith GoodmanDoc tweaks for Yahoo! Finance historical quotes.
2010-10-11 Keith GoodmanAdd option to adjust Yahoo quotes for splits and dividends.
2010-10-11 Keith GoodmanAdded function to return Yahoo! historical quotes as...
2010-10-11 Keith GoodmanCreated directory for external dependencies; Moved...
2010-10-09 Keith GoodmanSilence most of the Sphinx "make html" warnings.
2010-10-08 Keith Goodmanla.farray.lastrank choked on empty array input. Closes #5.
2010-10-07 Keith GoodmanAdded new function: unique. Closes #4.
2010-09-12 Keith GoodmanMove sphinx docs to
2010-07-13 Keith GoodmanBug #2: larry.sortaxis(None) chopped off singleton...
2010-07-11 Keith GoodmanBug: crashed if h5py could not be imported.
2010-07-06 Keith GoodmanBump version to 0.4.0; set release date to today!
2010-07-04 Keith GoodmanDefault binary operators no longer raise error when...
2010-07-04 Keith GoodmanUpdate mailing list address.
2010-07-03 Keith GoodmanUpdate unit tests.
2010-07-03 Keith GoodmanUpdate alignment section of doc for new binary functions.
2010-07-03 Keith GoodmanAdd la.divide().
2010-07-03 Keith GoodmanNew mailing list.
2010-07-02 Keith GoodmanAdd la.multiply().
2010-07-02 Keith GoodmanAdd la.multiply().
2010-07-02 Keith GoodmanAdd la.subtract().
2010-07-02 Keith GoodmanDoc tweaks.
2010-07-01 Keith Goodmanla version info now in one file instead of two.
2010-07-01 Keith GoodmanTypo in previous commit.
2010-07-01 Keith GoodmanAdded la.add(); Sphinx doc work.
2010-06-30 Keith GoodmanSphinx doc tweaks.
2010-06-29 Keith GoodmanNew functions: binaryop, align_raw.
2010-06-28 Keith GoodmanChanged the behavior of la.align().
2010-06-24 Keith GoodmanPackaging tweaks.
2010-06-24 Keith GoodmanBump version to la 0.4dev.
2010-06-24 Keith GoodmanNew function gives package info.
2010-06-23 Keith GoodmanBug: align returned a view for a corner case instead...
2010-06-22 Keith GoodmanAdd Cython version of listmap_fill.
2010-06-22 Keith Goodmanmorph is much faster as are methods, such as merge...
2010-06-22 Keith GoodmanRename clistmap.pyx to cflabel.pyx.
2010-06-22 Keith GoodmanNew functions: align and listmap_fill.
2010-06-20 Keith GoodmanAdd rst extension to README and RELEASE files.
2010-06-20 Keith GoodmanMore launchpad to github transition stuff.
2010-06-20 Keith GoodmanAdd rst extention to release notes.
2010-06-20 Keith GoodmanAdded split function to split data into train and test.
2010-06-20 Keith Goodmanlarry.take docstring copied (and modified) from Numpy.
2010-06-19 Keith GoodmanAdd larry.take to the sphinx doc.