last changeTue, 9 Dec 2014 00:37:45 +0000 (19:37 -0500)
2014-12-09 Nik NybyRemove log statement master
2014-12-09 Nik NybyHide complain tab on mouseleave
2014-12-07 Nik NybySome css fixes
2014-12-07 Nik NybyNew test version
2014-12-07 Nik NybyUse html entity for close button
2014-12-07 Nik NybyCSS fix
2014-12-07 Nik NybyCSS fixes for complain button, and changelog update
2014-12-07 Nik NybyAdd draggable complain tab
2014-12-07 Nik NybyAdd complain panel hide button
2014-12-06 Nik NybyComplain tab button style changes
2014-12-06 Nik Nybycomplain tab style changes
2014-12-06 Nik NybyClose complaint tab on escape
2014-12-06 Nik NybyRemove mouseover and animations from complaint panel
2014-12-06 Nik NybyUse a class for PageModFinder
2014-12-03 Nik NybyApplied Lutz's new patch
2014-12-02 Nik NybyApplied script libraries patch from Lutz Horn
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