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2012-08-12 Mathieu SchroeterAdded tag v2.1.0 for changeset 36bc086d4cb6 master origin/HEAD origin/master
2012-08-12 Mathieu Schroeterupdated doxygen doc for 2.1.0 v2.1.0
2012-08-12 Mathieu Schroeterupdated ChangeLog for release 2.1.0
2012-08-06 Mathieu Schroeterupdate doxyfile to
2012-08-06 Mathieu Schroeterprepare the webpage for libvalhalla-2.1.0
2012-08-06 Mathieu SchroeterUpdate ChangeLog
2012-07-28 Mathieu Schroeterfix build for md5.c now that avutil is always necessary
2012-07-28 Mathieu Schroeterlibavutil is now mandatory because it is used by the...
2012-07-28 Mathieu Schroeterthe arguments for check_cflags and temp_cflags must...
2012-07-28 Mathieu Schroeterfix the download for movie poster and backdrop with...
2012-07-28 Mathieu Schroeterfix warning on a variable which can be used when uninit...
2012-03-28 Mathieu Schroetercheck against dict.h for libavutil
2012-03-28 Mathieu Schroeterdrop the old avcodec stuff
2012-03-28 Mathieu Schroeterdrop the old avformat stuff for metadata and use avdict...
2012-03-28 Mathieu Schroeterwe use stream_title instead of title when there is...
2012-03-28 Mathieu Schroeterthe composer has changed with the TMDb API v2.1
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