last changeTue, 16 Aug 2011 15:21:42 +0000 (20:51 +0530)
2011-08-16 nbprashanthFixed Makefile bug that prevents make dist from executi... master
2011-08-16 nbprashanthModified pkg-config file.
2011-08-03 N.B.PrashanthChanged UI plugin dir path for uniformity.
2011-07-25 nbprashanthSet JAVADOC_AUTOBRIEF to YES to enable class descriptions.
2011-07-14 N.B.PrashanthAdded mainpage.h for documentation index page.
2011-07-13 N.B.PrashanthRemoved yast-devtools requirement and switched to autot...
2011-04-19 tgoettlicher- Don't allow recursive selection for non-multiselectio...
2011-04-15 tgoettlicher- Added support for recursive selection in tree widgets
2011-04-14 kmachalkovaHave libyui understand CLI options such as --gtk,
2011-04-05 mvidnerFirst shot at Doxygen-generated documentation: make...
2011-02-11 tgoettlicherfixed sefault on current item
2011-02-08 tgoettlicher- Added support for currentItem to tree widget
2011-02-03 tgoettlicher2.20.0
2010-12-20 tgoettlicher- Added support for check boxes in tree widgets
2010-06-29 kkaempfrename addChild parameter to item_disown so SWIG (libyu...
2010-04-09 tgoettlicher- Fixed endless loop in layout algorithm (bnc #558699)
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