last changeWed, 27 Jul 2011 01:52:50 +0000 (20:52 -0500)
2011-07-27 Richard HenwoodMerge branch 'master' of master
2011-07-27 Richard HenwoodFIX: bug with viewport_change call after screensaver...
2011-06-13 Richard HenwoodFIX: tidy up of cmd line behavoir.
2011-04-22 Richard Henwoodadd: this is the model I spent time creating, and then...
2011-02-12 Richard Henwoodrel: first step in refactoring to use a model pattern.
2011-01-30 Richard Henwoodadd: spreadsheet listing minutes spent on each workspac...
2011-01-04 Richard Henwoodfix: didn't get the code right to work with Ubuntu...
2010-12-29 Richard Henwoodfix: now works with 'visual effects' in Gnome enabled.
2010-11-28 Richard Henwoodfix: removed debug print statment.
2010-11-28 Richard Henwoodfix: a change to fix start up conditions.
2010-11-17 Richard Henwoodfix: escaping of ' chars in windownames etc.
2010-11-07 Richard Henwoodadd: display the total number of hours worked since...
2010-08-01 Richard HenwoodAdded ten minute marks to zoomed view.
2010-08-01 Richard HenwoodRemoval of unused code and addition of code documentation.
2010-08-01 Richard HenwoodRemoved code for logging to file.
2010-04-11 richardChanged licence to GPLv3.
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