last changeMon, 26 Jul 2010 21:47:51 +0000 (23:47 +0200)
2010-07-26 CowboyTim- fixed OP_GETUPVALUE master
2010-07-26 CowboyTim- added OP_GETGLOBAL
2010-07-26 CowboyTim- bugfix in push data mbox to spe
2010-07-26 CowboyTim- made a class of 'cell'
2010-07-26 CowboyTim- added spe.destroy() to clean up decently
2010-07-26 CowboyTim- starting to implement the main spe.c in cell.lua now
2010-07-26 CowboyTim- progress on OP_GETTABLE
2010-07-20 CowboyTim- per 3 now, and more sample progress now
2010-07-20 CowboyTim- pad to 4 in the spe <-> spe runner channel
2010-07-20 CowboyTim- stubbed more LUA types in spe.c
2010-07-20 CowboyTim- erh, fixed the switch()/case structure in C
2010-07-20 CowboyTim- improved test
2010-07-13 CowboyTim- and better written variable fetch from LUA VM
2010-07-13 CowboyTim- get's the UPVALUE correct for TNUMBER now
2010-07-07 CowboyTim- better example in test.lua
2010-07-07 CowboyTim- better dump in test.lua
7 years ago master