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[maelyrica:maelyrica.git] / main.cpp
2012-09-11 Marcin MielniczukSwitch to QtNetwork master
2012-08-21 Marcin Mielniczuk#defines for Maemo specific stuff
2012-08-17 Marcin MielniczukAdded Chart Lyrics
2012-08-14 Marcin MielniczukFinished LyricWikiDownloader
2012-08-11 Marcin Mielniczukfixed compile errors
2012-08-11 Marcin MielniczukAdded lyricsDownloaderManager, moved AZLyricsDownloader...
2012-08-08 Marcin MielniczukCleaning up QNetworkSession stuff which isn't working0
2012-08-08 Marcin MielniczukFix for parsing
2012-07-26 Marcin MielniczukRemoved mainWindow as it's redundant
2012-07-23 Marcin MielniczukAdded reading saves
2012-07-23 Marcin MielniczukInitial commit