last changeSat, 9 Jun 2012 14:54:52 +0000 (16:54 +0200)
2012-06-09 Martin Grimmeimplemented sending save/unsave notifications master
2012-05-08 Martin Grimmeimplemented immediate reordering of list items when...
2012-04-17 Martin Grimmefixed bug with broken install status
2012-04-17 Martin Grimmeimplemented QA nagging stuff
2012-03-27 Martin Grimmehide QA button after review. display server errors...
2012-03-27 Martin Grimmefixed to parse short history format
2012-03-22 Martin Grimmeforgot to add file
2012-03-22 Martin Grimmeimplemented application QA and client-side prevention...
2012-03-11 Martin Grimmeremove obsolete database entries for packages
2012-03-11 Martin Grimmehandling server error for double rating. use app histor...
2012-02-25 Martin Grimmeadded .desktop file for DBus-service
2012-02-25 Martin Grimmebugfixes and cleaning up
2012-02-15 Martin Grimmeclick on stars to rate application
2012-02-10 Martin Grimmesmall fix
2012-02-10 Martin Grimmeimplemented rating
2012-02-10 Martin GrimmeNemo has no testing mode
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