last changeThu, 19 Aug 2010 10:46:11 +0000 (13:46 +0300)
2010-08-19 Islam AmerFix debian packaging master
2010-08-17 Islam AmerDamn typo
2010-08-17 Islam Amermake spec use same tar as dpkg-source
2010-08-17 Islam AmerDebian packaging
2010-07-30 Islam Ameropensuse packaging
2010-07-30 Islam AmerFixed package name
2010-07-24 David GreavesServer code in ruby
2010-07-24 David GreavesFactor out common module code
2010-07-19 David GreavesHandle misconfigured exchanges better
2010-07-19 David GreavesDefine import API
2010-07-19 David GreavesPython2.6 has simplejson built in ad json
2010-07-16 David GreavesAllow AIR python client to reuse an existing AMQP conne...
2010-07-15 David GreavesAdd packaging for debian
2010-07-15 David GreavesUse air_server instead of fido in examples :)
2010-07-15 David GreavesRaise exceptions as needed
2010-07-11 David GreavesHandle malformed AIR messages (ie missing keys) and...
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