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2011-11-24 Pete GoodliffeAdded messages pointing to the new repo location master
2011-11-15 Pete GoodliffeExample app lists destinations correctly.
2011-11-11 Pete GoodliffeUpdated gitignore with Xcode 4 mojo
2011-11-11 Pete GoodliffeBuild tweaks for latest SDK
2011-11-11 Pete GoodliffeAdded code to attach to all pre-attached devices in...
2011-02-04 Pete GoodliffePut provisioning profile back to default. Build3
2011-02-04 Pete GoodliffeUpdated release notes for Build 3.
2011-02-04 Pete GoodliffeCorrected the listInterfaces output.
2011-02-04 Pete GoodliffeMy updated PGMidi classes. More clever splitting of...
2011-02-04 Pete GoodliffeAdding text to the UITextView scrolls it to the bottom.
2011-01-04 Pete GoodliffeRenamed PGMidiInput PGMidi
2011-01-04 Pete GoodliffeAdded support for network MIDI connections.
2011-01-04 Pete GoodliffeRenamed the MidiInput class (and associated protocol...
2010-11-02 Pete GoodliffeRemoved the "only shows input" limitation from release...
2010-11-02 Pete GoodliffeUpdated to version 2
2010-11-02 Pete GoodliffeSupport for MIDI output through CoreMIDI
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