2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Added new dump to CSV
2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Fixed CSCount which should not count merges
2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Splitted the grabpatch from the parser
2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Added initial support for file type reports
2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Added a function to parse the stats per file
2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Use a dict of patterns instead of different global...
2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Get the statistics from numstat instead of diff
2009-12-01 Germán Póo... Use csv package instead of the manual handling
2009-11-23 Jonathan CorbetFrom: Iestyn Pryce <>
2009-07-24 Jonathan CorbetGet the developer count right even without full patch...
2009-07-24 Greg Kroah... gitdm: report issue when an email address is a "name"
2009-07-24 Greg Kroah... add more spaces to the "done" message so it doesn't...
2009-07-24 Jonathan CorbetReduce the number of "funky email" gripes
2009-03-21 Jonathan CorbetQuick hack to make the developer/employer counts at...
2009-02-10 Jonathan CorbetMake the internal merge pattern a bit more general
2009-02-10 Jonathan CorbetAdd a copyright notice to treeplot
2009-02-10 Jonathan CorbetSort the output text
2009-02-10 Jonathan CorbetA quick and dirty treeplot utility
2008-11-13 Jonathan CorbetBetter email address handling
2008-11-11 Jonathan CorbetTested-by / Reported-by credits and more
2008-10-16 Jonathan CorbetUse find() instead of index()
2008-10-06 Michael Meeksgitdm patch ...
2008-09-05 Jonathan CorbetDon't accept totally bogus dates
2008-07-24 Greg KHfinally get the config file stuff correct
2008-07-24 Greg KHparse the config file _after_ we have read the command...
2008-07-24 Greg Kroah... make -c option actually work
2008-07-18 Jonathan CorbetFix up the copyright notices.
2008-07-18 Jonathan CorbetMove regular expressions out to
2008-07-01 Jonathan CorbetGet rid of a debugging print statement.
2008-06-27 Jonathan CorbetA bunch of domain map additions from Greg
2008-06-27 Kir Kolyshkingitdm: Report progress to stderr not stdout
2008-06-27 Jonathan CorbetInitial commit