Fix an option parsing regression
[mining-tools:gitdm.git] / gitdm
2011-05-10 Jonathan CorbetFix an option parsing regression
2011-05-10 Jonathan CorbetUpdate copyright notices
2011-04-22 Cédric BosdonnatMade the CSV file aggregating data by weeks or months
2011-02-17 Cédric BosdonnatMaking the datelc an actual csv for easier data handling
2011-02-11 Cédric BosdonnatWhy should we exit after datelc output?
2011-02-11 Cédric BosdonnatOnly add Linus and Andrew with -a
2010-10-04 Jonathan CorbetMake tag matching stricter
2010-06-30 Tiago VignattiAdd option to get the configuration files from a given...
2010-05-03 Jonathan CorbetOnly gripe about missing author names once
2010-02-06 Martin NordholtsMove out global houskeeping from grabpatch()
2009-07-24 Jonathan CorbetGet the developer count right even without full patch...
2009-07-24 Greg Kroah-Hartmangitdm: report issue when an email address is a "name"
2009-07-24 Greg Kroah-Hartmanadd more spaces to the "done" message so it doesn't...
2009-07-24 Jonathan CorbetReduce the number of "funky email" gripes
2009-03-21 Jonathan CorbetQuick hack to make the developer/employer counts at...
2008-11-11 Jonathan CorbetTested-by / Reported-by credits and more
2008-10-06 Michael Meeksgitdm patch ...
2008-09-05 Jonathan CorbetDon't accept totally bogus dates
2008-07-24 Greg KHfinally get the config file stuff correct
2008-07-24 Greg KHparse the config file _after_ we have read the command...
2008-07-24 Greg Kroah-Hartmanmake -c option actually work
2008-07-18 Jonathan CorbetFix up the copyright notices.
2008-07-18 Jonathan CorbetMove regular expressions out to
2008-06-27 Kir Kolyshkingitdm: Report progress to stderr not stdout
2008-06-27 Jonathan CorbetInitial commit