Add version tracking support and an "unknown hackers" report
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2011-07-11 Jonathan CorbetRevert "Make ReadConfigLine an iterator"
2011-07-11 Jonathan CorbetMerge branch 'refactoring' of git://
2011-06-24 Germán Póo-CaamañoMake ReadConfigLine an iterator
2011-06-24 Germán Póo-CaamañoMove filetypes onto configuration file
2011-05-10 Jonathan CorbetAdd the VirtualEmployer mechanism
2011-05-10 Jonathan CorbetUpdate copyright notices
2011-02-17 Cédric BosdonnatAllow to add funky email addresses as the first field...
2010-07-22 Jonathan CorbetUse os.path.join() to prepend the directory name
2010-06-30 Tiago VignattiAdd option to get the configuration files from a given...
2009-11-23 Jonathan CorbetFrom: Iestyn Pryce <>
2008-10-16 Jonathan CorbetUse find() instead of index()
2008-07-18 Jonathan CorbetFix up the copyright notices.
2008-06-27 Jonathan CorbetInitial commit