Add version tracking support and an "unknown hackers" report
[mining-tools:gitdm.git] / README
2011-07-11 Jonathan CorbetMerge branch 'refactoring' of git://
2011-06-24 Germán Póo-CaamañoUpdated the options explanation refactoring
2011-06-24 Germán Póo-CaamañoMove filetypes onto configuration file
2011-06-23 Germán Póo-CaamañoAdded CSV dumps: per filetype and per changeset
2011-06-23 Germán Póo-CaamañoAdded option to get the stats from numstat instead...
2011-05-10 Jonathan CorbetAdd the VirtualEmployer mechanism
2011-04-22 Cédric BosdonnatMade the CSV file aggregating data by weeks or months
2011-04-22 Cédric BosdonnatDocumented the funky email address alias feature
2010-06-30 Tiago VignattiAdd option to get the configuration files from a given...
2010-06-28 Tiago VignattiDocument better -D option
2010-06-28 Tiago VignattiAdd some basic information to install
2010-02-17 Jonathan CorbetUpdate the documentation slightly
2008-06-27 Jonathan CorbetInitial commit