Add version tracking support and an "unknown hackers" report
[mining-tools:gitdm.git] /
2012-04-06 Jonathan CorbetAdd version tracking support and an "unknown hackers... master
2011-07-11 Jonathan CorbetMerge branch 'refactoring' of git://
2011-06-23 Germán Póo-CaamañoAdded workaround for svn tags imported wrongly
2011-06-23 Germán Póo-CaamañoUse a dict of patterns instead of several global variables
2011-06-23 Germán Póo-CaamañoAdded option to get the stats from numstat instead...
2011-05-10 Jonathan CorbetUpdate copyright notices
2010-10-04 Jonathan CorbetMake tag matching stricter
2009-07-24 Jonathan CorbetReduce the number of "funky email" gripes
2009-02-10 Jonathan CorbetMake the internal merge pattern a bit more general
2009-02-10 Jonathan CorbetA quick and dirty treeplot utility
2008-11-13 Jonathan CorbetBetter email address handling
2008-11-11 Jonathan CorbetTested-by / Reported-by credits and more
2008-07-18 Jonathan CorbetFix up the copyright notices.
2008-07-18 Jonathan CorbetMove regular expressions out to