2013-12-05 Germán Poo... README: Make the description a bit more explanatory
2013-11-06 Santiago DueñasGmane support
2013-11-06 Santiago DueñasRefactoring the retrieving and analysis processes
2013-07-22 Jesus M. Gonzalez... Added url documenting the Gmane API
2013-07-22 Jesus M. Gonzalez... Get moboxes from Gmane mailing lists (first working...
2013-03-18 Jesus M. Gonzalez... Changing the reference to the mailing list.
2012-12-03 Germán Poo... Fixed email parsing when address is not obscured
2012-09-10 J. Félix OntañónFix mbox parser when obscured email addresses are in use
2012-08-31 Germán Poo... Merge pull request #4 from hyperair/master
2012-08-31 Chow Loong JinDon't create ~/.mlstats in mlstats_dot_dir()
2012-07-13 Germán Poo... More Markdown formatting, added links.
2012-07-12 Germán Poo... More Markdown formatting
2012-07-12 Germán Poo... Rename README to make it github friendly
2012-07-12 Germán Poo... Fixed titles formatting
2012-07-11 Germán Poo... Use a stricter mbox format than mailbox.mbox
2012-07-11 Germán Poo... Added support for multipart texts with multiple encodings
2012-07-11 Germán Poo... Made to_unicode and __decode_header more robust
2012-07-11 Germán Poo... Send error messages to stderr
2012-07-11 Germán Poo... Added port as argument in PostgresQL driver
2012-07-11 Germán Poo... Simplify redudant conditions to make the code clearer
2012-07-11 Luis Cañas... Update README file migration to Github
2011-10-28 Germán Poo... cleanup: removed unused packages and variables
2011-10-28 Germán Poo... Remove instance variables and use local variables instead
2011-10-28 Germán Poo... Fix local analysis and report
2011-10-28 Germán Poo... Use properties instead of a string wheb check status
2011-10-28 Germán Poo... Fixed definitions and indentation (pylint)
2011-10-26 Germán Poo... Fix archive retrieval when content delivered is not...
2011-10-26 Germán Poo... Shortened the validations for last archive downloaded
2011-10-26 Germán Poo... Customized the user-agent when retrieve from archives
2011-10-25 Germán Poo... use of regex to parse urls
2011-10-06 Germán Poo... Added support for PostgresQL database
2011-10-06 Germán Poo... Added enconding to utf-8
2011-10-06 Germán Poo... Added basic database abstraction
2011-10-06 Germán Poo... Fix recording of people fields 'Cc' and 'To'
2011-10-06 Germán Poo... database refactored: use placeholders instead of concat...
2011-10-06 Germán Poo... Refactor of mail parser, split date validation
2011-10-06 Germán Poo... Added basic output printing to check manually the parser
2011-10-04 Germán Poo... Added .gitignore
2011-10-03 Germán Poo... Customized the user-agent when retrieve from archives
2011-10-02 Germán Poo... Fixes variable undefined when using a local url (mbox)
2011-09-22 Israel HerraizFixing bug with local mboxes
2011-09-01 Germán Póo... Fix report messages by email address
2011-08-25 Santiago DueñasUpdate list of contributors
2011-08-25 Germán Póo... Remove temporary compressed file
2011-07-14 Juan Francisco... new debian package files without lintian errors
2011-07-04 Dave NearyFix #299 - Set yesterday as starting point to re-downlo...
2010-10-21 Santiago DueñasFixes bug #252 (Incorrect license header)
2010-08-18 Israel HerraizFixed bug with private archives.
2010-05-04 Israel HerraizAlways download archives files for the current month...
2010-01-24 Israel HerraizRelease 0.4
2010-01-11 Israel HerraizFixed handling of text attachments and multipart messages
2010-01-11 Israel HerraizPreparing for release 0.4.
2009-12-23 Israel HerraizFixing halting error with null received headers
2009-12-22 Israel HerraizUpdate email addresses, contact URLs, and copyright...
2009-12-17 Israel HerraizFixing minor issue
2009-12-17 Israel HerraizReceived date is now set using the Unix From line rathe...
2009-09-16 José Francisco... fixed the bug with changelog, it was about ascii and...
2009-09-16 José Francisco... update to a new debian package
2009-04-03 Carlos Garcia... 2009-04-03 Carlos Garcia Campos <>
2009-02-13 Israel HerraizMoved URL retrieval and compressed files handling to...
2009-02-13 Israel HerraizMyHTMLParser now returns a list with links that are...
2008-10-10 José Francisco... 2008-10-10 Juan Francisco Gato Luis <>
2008-09-16 Santiago Dueñas2008-09-16 Santiago Dueñas Domínguez <sduenas@gsyc...
2008-07-22 Liliana Tovar2008-07-22 Liliana Tovar <>
2008-07-22 Liliana Tovar2008-07-22 Liliana Tovar <>
2008-03-11 Israel Herraiz2008-03-11 Israel Herraiz <>
2007-12-03 Israel HerraizUpdating package info for release 0.3.3
2007-12-03 Israel Herraiz2007-12-03 Israel Herraiz <>
2007-12-03 Israel HerraizUpdating Debian files for release 0.3.3
2007-12-03 Israel HerraizReleasing version 0.3.3
2007-12-03 Israel HerraizUpdating ChangeLog
2007-12-03 Israel HerraizUpdating version number
2007-12-03 Israel HerraizReversing order of the archives so they are parsed...
2007-09-04 Israel Herraiz2007-09-05 Israel Herraiz <>
2007-08-21 Israel Herraiz Fixing bug #314.
2007-08-01 Israel HerraizFixing bug #308.
2007-08-01 Israel HerraizFixing bug #310
2007-07-31 Israel HerraizFixing ChangeLog
2007-07-31 Santiago Dueñas2007-07-31 Santiago Dueañas <>
2007-06-13 Israel HerraizRelease 0.3.2
2007-06-13 Israel HerraizRemoving extra blank line in ChangeLog
2007-06-13 Israel HerraizAdded man page. The Examples section has been removed...
2007-06-13 Israel HerraizFixed help message, that still contained the old comman...
2007-05-30 Israel HerraizAdapting the database related command line options...
2007-05-30 Israel HerraizAdded --version option to the list of command line...
2007-05-10 Israel HerraizAdded dependency for the Python distutils script.
2007-04-25 Israel HerraizRemoving automatically generated file
2007-04-23 Israel HerraizAdded error case when trying to connect to database...
2007-04-23 Israel HerraizFixing format of the ChangeLog
2007-04-23 Israel HerraizChanged unknown exceptions handling to get more meaning...
2007-04-23 Israel HerraizAdding Python egg info. All these files are needed...
2007-03-27 Roberto Andradasthere was a reference to other software name. maybe...
2007-03-22 Israel HerraizUpdating ChangeLog
2007-03-22 Israel HerraizAdded check to find out if the parser is ignoring some...
2007-03-22 Israel HerraizAdding configuration files to create Debian package
2007-03-22 Israel HerraizChanges in the version name to create temporary deb...
2007-03-22 Israel HerraizAdding license to source package
2007-03-22 Israel HerraizFixing typo
2007-03-22 Israel HerraizSolves bug #227
2007-03-21 Israel HerraizFixing date in ChangeLog