Move database related code from backends to db
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2014-02-16 Germán Poo-CaamañoMove database related code from backends to db
2014-02-15 Germán Poo-CaamañoMake consistent the use of new style definition of...
2014-02-14 Germán Poo-Caamañodatabase: allows hostname parameter be None
2014-02-12 Germán Poo-CaamañoSeparate database backends. Fix #15
2013-12-06 Germán Poo-CaamañoMake the code PEP-8 compliant
2013-11-06 Santiago DueñasGmane support
2012-07-11 Germán Poo-CaamañoSend error messages to stderr
2012-07-11 Germán Poo-CaamañoAdded port as argument in PostgresQL driver
2011-10-28 Germán Poo-Caamañocleanup: removed unused packages and variables
2011-10-06 Germán Poo-CaamañoAdded support for PostgresQL database
2011-10-06 Germán Poo-CaamañoAdded enconding to utf-8
2011-10-06 Germán Poo-CaamañoAdded basic database abstraction
2011-10-06 Germán Poo-CaamañoFix recording of people fields 'Cc' and 'To'
2011-10-06 Germán Poo-Caamañodatabase refactored: use placeholders instead of concat...
2011-09-01 Germán Póo-CaamañoFix report messages by email address
2010-10-21 Santiago DueñasFixes bug #252 (Incorrect license header)
2010-01-11 Israel HerraizPreparing for release 0.4.
2009-12-23 Israel HerraizFixing halting error with null received headers
2009-12-22 Israel HerraizUpdate email addresses, contact URLs, and copyright...
2009-02-13 Israel HerraizMoved URL retrieval and compressed files handling to...
2008-10-10 José Francisco Gato2008-10-10 Juan Francisco Gato Luis <>
2008-07-22 Liliana Tovar2008-07-22 Liliana Tovar <>
2007-08-21 Israel Herraiz Fixing bug #314.
2007-08-01 Israel HerraizFixing bug #308.
2007-08-01 Israel HerraizFixing bug #310
2007-04-23 Israel HerraizAdded error case when trying to connect to database...
2007-04-23 Israel HerraizChanged unknown exceptions handling to get more meaning...
2007-03-21 Israel HerraizSolving bug #222
2007-03-16 Israel Herraiz* All the extraction and file handling (copying to...
2007-03-16 Israel HerraizUpdated contact information
2007-03-15 Israel HerraizAdded contact information in case of fatal error when...
2007-03-15 Israel HerraizNew development version