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last changeThu, 6 Mar 2008 16:59:24 +0000 (16:59 +0000)
2008-03-06 jjgodRestore support for characters whose first byte is 9B master
2008-03-06 jjgodUse sparkle to update.
2008-03-06 jjgodWell, there're still places we shouldn't use NSRectFill...
2008-03-06 jjgodSeveral transparent background drawing fixes
2008-03-06 jjgodExtend background color to end of line when meeting...
2008-03-06 jjgodAdd characters in GBK 1.0 but not in CP936
2008-03-06 jjgodNo need to check if cursor is outside of column, let...
2008-03-06 jjgodHandle control sequences between 2 bytes of a CJK char
2008-03-06 jjgodFixed a problem when dealing with GBK and Big5 double...
2008-03-06 jjgodPrivate build 5
2008-01-04 yllancontinuous 0x0A performance optimization.
2007-12-29 yllanI don't know
2007-12-28 yllanFix the ligature problem, fix the wrong run when using...
2007-12-27 yllanFix
2007-12-26 yllanfix display problem
2007-12-22 ylland
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