last changeSun, 1 Feb 2015 21:13:23 +0000 (13:13 -0800)
2015-02-01 Ryan BoggsMerge pull request #37 from dguder/fix-mono-CS0571 master gitorious/master
2015-01-31 Dominik Guderskip Msi task on mono 37/head
2015-01-31 Dominik Guderskip SourceSafe task on mono
2015-01-03 Ryan BoggsUpdate release notes to include latest vb6 fix.
2015-01-03 Ryan BoggsMerge pull request #35 from Bryce-L/master
2015-01-02 Bryce LindseyIf the x86 registry path for vb6.exe cannot be found... 35/head
2014-12-12 Ryan BoggsChanged commit from email address to reflect homepage...
2013-04-02 Dominik GuderMerge pull request #27 from dguder/vb6-resfile32
2013-04-01 Dominik Guderadded entry into changelog 27/head
2013-04-01 Dominik Gudertrim any quotes from filename
2013-01-16 Ryan BoggsMerge pull request #26 from PatrickWalker/master
2013-01-04 Patrick WalkerAdding Check for Null to properties 26/head
2012-06-09 Ryan BoggsWrapping up the 0.92 final release.
2012-06-09 Ryan BoggsCommitting files for 0.92 final release. rel-0-92
2012-06-03 Ryan BoggsUpdated release notes to reflect recent changes to...
2012-06-03 Ryan BoggsMerge pull request #21 from rbirkby/NUnit2Graphs
5 years ago rel-0-92 Tagging NAntContrib 0.92 RTM
6 years ago rel-0-92-rc1 Taggin NAntContrib 0.92 Release...
6 years ago rel-0-92-beta1 Tagging NAntContrib 0.92 Beta 1
6 years ago rel-0-92-alpha1 Tagging NAnt 0.92 Alpha 1
6 years ago rel-0-91 prep for rel-0-91 release
6 years ago rel-0-91-rc1 prep for rel-0-91-rc1 release
6 years ago rel-0-91-beta1 prep for rel-0-91-beta1 release
11 years ago rel-0-85 prep for rel-0-85 release
11 years ago rel-0-85-rc4 prep for rel-0-85-rc4 release
13 years ago rel-0-85-rc3 prep for rel-0-85-rc3 release
13 years ago rel-0-85-rc2 prep for rel-0-85-rc2 release
13 years ago rel-0-85-rc1 prep for rel-0-85-rc1 release
14 years ago rel-0-84-rc2 prep for rel-0-84-rc2 release
14 years ago rel-0-84-rc1 prep for rel-0-84-rc1 release
14 years ago rel-0-8-2-rc2 prep for rel-0-8-2-rc2 release
3 years ago master