last changeSun, 5 Apr 2015 06:08:46 +0000 (23:08 -0700)
2015-04-05 Nethack TAS... Update .nttrec to end of polypile, script updates for... master
2015-04-04 Nethack TAS... Gitorious down merge
2015-04-04 Alex SmithMinor typo fix
2015-04-01 Nethack TAS... Updates from ais523
2015-04-01 Alex SmithUpdates to turnbyturn.txt
2015-04-01 Alex SmithVarious hexing in nethack.nttrec
2015-03-28 Nethack TAS... Progress to polypile golem, snapshot of stats and conf
2015-03-23 Nethack TAS... Current state of config and savestate files
2015-03-22 Nethack TAS... Progress past chest in Sokoban
2015-03-22 Alex SmithUpdated recording: obtaining gems in Sokoban
2015-03-15 Alex SmithMore remainingactions.txt fixes
2015-03-15 Alex SmithFixes for remainingactions.txt
2015-03-15 Alex SmithSend each packet twice
2015-03-15 Alex SmithA program for communicating through tmux
2015-03-14 Alex SmithMerge
2015-03-14 Alex SmithSome files that were left out of the repository
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