last changeSun, 19 Sep 2010 08:49:53 +0000 (10:49 +0200)
2010-09-19 Karel PiwkoAdded a script to create a database master
2010-08-11 Karel PiwkoReplaced shell script with maven for dependencies
2010-06-09 Karel PiwkoDocument tree reconstruction
2010-06-09 Karel PiwkoReplaced stub with performace for single element retrieval
2010-06-09 Karel PiwkoFixed multiple occurence of elements in descendant...
2010-06-05 Karel PiwkoFixed retrieval of the element child
2010-06-05 Karel PiwkoModified build file, minor comments
2010-05-28 Karel PiwkoRemoved obsolete files
2010-05-27 Karel PiwkoDescendant-or-self axis support
2010-05-25 Karel PiwkoRetrieving whole documents from database
2010-05-25 Karel PiwkoFixed hasMoreResources method
2010-05-25 Karel PiwkoFixed hasMoreResources method
2010-05-24 Karel PiwkoBridged resulting sequences XQJ and XAPI
2010-05-24 Karel PiwkoAdded document root node
2010-05-23 Karel PiwkoAdded schema listing for making querying possible
2010-05-23 Karel PiwkoAdded sequence bridge processing
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