last changeSun, 21 Mar 2010 15:20:35 +0000 (16:20 +0100)
2010-03-21 Hendrik SattlerAdd more files to ignore master
2010-03-21 Hendrik SattlerReplace docbook2man with xmlto for building manpages
2010-03-21 Hendrik Sattleradd list of file to not check-in
2010-03-21 Hendrik SattlerAdapt to OpenOBEX API changes
2009-07-26 Christian W... minor error msg change
2009-03-09 Christian W... reminder for compiling without iconv
2009-03-09 Christian W... use native NG_HCI_BDADDR_ANY on FreeBSD
2009-03-09 Christian W... better GET+DEL code
2009-03-08 Christian W... parse port for network connect
2009-03-08 Christian W... using tcp register function to allow IPv4
2009-03-06 Christian W... adding standard boilerplate ifdefs
2009-03-06 Christian W... typo in pointer expression
2009-03-06 Christian W... adding timeout patch from Manuel Naranjo
2009-03-06 Christian W... no browse before init on win32, explicit default channe...
2009-03-05 Christian W... fixing bt browse for win32, updating for syncml
2009-03-04 Christian W... adding missing win32 stub, cross-compile proper case fix
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