2014-01-22 Hendrik SattlerFix iconv detection
2013-08-11 Hendrik SattlerInstall fuse apps
2013-08-11 Hendrik SattlerOmit SONAME for swig modules
2013-08-11 Hendrik SattlerAdd missing link library
2013-08-11 Hendrik SattlerAvoid transititve linking
2013-03-05 Hendrik SattlerReleasing ObexFTP-0.24 0.24
2013-03-05 Hendrik SattlerUse more efficient timeout
2013-03-05 Hendrik SattlerUpdate install instructions
2013-03-05 Hendrik SattlerMove myself from THANKS to AUTHORS
2013-03-05 Hendrik SattlerRemove FindOpenObex.cmake
2013-03-05 Hendrik SattlerRemove old autotools-based build system
2012-11-10 Hendrik SattlerFix warning when compiling Ruby Swig module
2012-11-10 Hendrik SattlerFix warning when compiling TCL Swig module
2012-09-02 Hendrik SattlerEnable GET command
2012-08-09 Hendrik SattlerAnnounce OPUSH SDP profile
2012-08-07 Hendrik SattlerFix: LENGTH header must be sent before BODY header
2012-08-07 Hendrik SattlerAdd missing break
2012-08-07 Hendrik SattlerRemove bad call to OBEX_ServerAccept()
2012-07-29 Hendrik SattlerAllow bluetooth to be not available
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerFix: bluetooth detection also needed for other subdirec...
2012-07-28 Iain Hibbert<sys/select.h> is not optional
2012-07-28 Iain Hibbert<sys/time.h> is never required
2012-07-28 Iain Hibbertinclude <sys/select.h> for select()
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerReally use selected adapter for bluetooth SDP calls
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerRemove usage of write-only variable
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerAdd missing braces
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerAdd missing return statement
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerRemove unused use of struct stat
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerFix gcc complaining about wrong types
2012-07-27 Hendrik SattlerMove finding OpenObex one level up
2012-07-27 Iain Hibbertsource code must define 'main'
2012-07-27 Iain Hibbertprovide a quoted version string
2012-07-25 Hendrik SattlerUse ICONV_CONST from iconv.m4 and add the same to FindI...
2012-07-24 Hendrik SattlerCMake: raise minimum cmake version to 2.8.5
2012-07-24 Hendrik SattlerFix typo
2012-07-24 Hendrik SattlerCMake: only compare python version strings of both...
2012-07-24 Hendrik SattlerImport and adapt obexfs
2012-07-23 Iain Hibbertalso use OPENOBEX_CFLAGS where we used OPENOBEX_LIBS...
2012-07-23 Iain Hibbert'$<' is not strictly defined for explicit make rules
2012-07-23 Iain Hibbertdiscover_usb() is not needed unless HAVE_USB
2012-07-23 Iain Hibbertinclude unicode.h for CharToUnicode prototype
2012-07-23 Iain Hibbertuse unsigned type to avoid signed vs unsigned comparison
2012-07-23 Iain Hibbertuse 3-digit octal escape sequences since \xCBATZ is...
2012-07-23 Hendrik SattlerAdd files to build with CMake
2012-07-07 Hendrik SattlerAdd another ruby fix (from ALT linux)
2012-06-15 Hendrik SattlerFix swig ruby code for ruby-1.9
2012-04-11 Thilo MolitorFix file permissions and ctime/atime.
2012-03-25 Hendrik SattlerFix swig detection
2012-03-25 Hendrik SattlerFix build docs for out-of-source builds
2012-03-25 Hendrik SattlerFix autoreconf warning
2012-03-25 Hendrik SattlerRemove copy of m4/*.m4 files
2012-03-25 Hendrik SattlerRemove autogenerated file config.rpath
2011-07-02 Iain HibbertInclude <obexftp/bt_kit.h> to get bluetooth definitions
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertAdd generic BSD Bluetooth and Service Discovery support
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertUse BLUETOOTH_CFLAGS when BLUETOOTH_LIBS is used
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertFix up build problems with include paths
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertFix const qualifier discarded warnings
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertFix some signed vs unsigned issues
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertInclude <obexftp/unicode.h> for UnicodeToChar() prototype
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertUse times() function correctly
2011-06-30 Iain HibbertUse (void) when prototyping functions with no arguments
2011-06-30 Hendrik SattlerCorrectly interpret response code
2011-06-30 Hendrik SattlerAdd conditional support for silent rules
2011-06-30 Hendrik SattlerUse _cv_ for cached autoconf values
2010-03-21 Hendrik SattlerAdd more files to ignore
2010-03-21 Hendrik SattlerReplace docbook2man with xmlto for building manpages
2010-03-21 Hendrik Sattleradd list of file to not check-in
2010-03-21 Hendrik SattlerAdapt to OpenOBEX API changes
2009-07-26 Christian W... minor error msg change
2009-03-09 Christian W... reminder for compiling without iconv
2009-03-09 Christian W... use native NG_HCI_BDADDR_ANY on FreeBSD
2009-03-09 Christian W... better GET+DEL code
2009-03-08 Christian W... parse port for network connect
2009-03-08 Christian W... using tcp register function to allow IPv4
2009-03-06 Christian W... adding standard boilerplate ifdefs
2009-03-06 Christian W... typo in pointer expression
2009-03-06 Christian W... adding timeout patch from Manuel Naranjo
2009-03-06 Christian W... no browse before init on win32, explicit default channe...
2009-03-05 Christian W... fixing bt browse for win32, updating for syncml
2009-03-04 Christian W... adding missing win32 stub, cross-compile proper case fix
2009-02-17 Christian W... updating ChangeLog for release 0.23
2009-02-17 Christian W... allow win32 to use hci src names
2008-08-08 Christian W... adding a simpler connect wrapper
2008-08-08 Christian W... show OBEX_HandleInput errors
2008-08-07 Christian W... catch errors and let the user know
2008-08-06 Christian W... print timout stats if available
2008-08-05 Christian W... sdp unregister more verbose
2008-08-04 Christian W... upgrading btkit
2008-08-03 Christian W... fix for win32 without bt
2008-08-03 Christian W... replacing deprecated automake vars
2008-07-15 Christian W... sizeof() fixes
2008-07-14 Christian W... removing bdaddr_t reference from obexftpd.c
2008-06-22 Christian W... adding bootstrap helper
2008-06-21 Christian W... concurrency bug in extconf.rb generated Makefile (fix...
2008-06-17 Christian W... switching from POD to asciidoc
2008-06-17 Christian W... clearing gnu-style implicit rules
2008-06-15 Christian W... including default tcl header dir 0.22 show
2008-06-15 Christian W... changelog bulk update
2008-06-14 Christian W... adding proper unicode functions
2008-06-14 Christian W... minor err text change