2012-10-07 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.13 v3.4.13
2012-10-07 Bart Van AsscheSCSI: scsi_dh_alua: Enable STPG for unavailable ports
2012-10-07 Dan WilliamsSCSI: scsi_remove_target: fix softlockup regression...
2012-10-07 Avi Kivityx86/alternatives: Fix p6 nops on non-modular kernels
2012-10-07 Dan Williamsisci: fix isci_pci_probe() generates warning on efi...
2012-10-07 Bart Van AsscheIB/srp: Avoid having aborted requests hang
2012-10-07 Bart Van AsscheIB/srp: Fix use-after-free in srp_reset_req()
2012-10-07 Patrick McHardyIPoIB: Fix use-after-free of multicast object
2012-10-07 Dan Carpenterremoteproc: fix a potential NULL-dereference on cleanup
2012-10-07 Ohad Ben-Cohenremoteproc: select VIRTIO to avoid build breakage
2012-10-07 Wei Yongjuncan: mscan-mpc5xxx: fix return value check in mpc512x_c...
2012-10-07 Stephen M.... SCSI: hpsa: Use LUN reset instead of target reset
2012-10-07 Benjamin HerrenschmidtSCSI: ibmvscsi: Fix host config length field overflow
2012-10-07 Kees CookYama: handle 32-bit userspace prctl
2012-10-07 Artem BityutskiyUBI: fix autoresize handling in R/O mode
2012-10-07 Russ Gorbyn_gsm: memory leak in uplink error path
2012-10-07 Russ Gorbyn_gsm: added interlocking for gsm_data_lock for certain...
2012-10-07 Russ Gorbyn_gsm: uplink SKBs accumulate on list
2012-10-07 xiaojinn_gsm.c: Implement 3GPP27.010 DLC start-up procedure...
2012-10-07 Denys Vlasenkocoredump: prevent double-free on an error path in core...
2012-10-07 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Disable ASPM only for AR9285
2012-10-07 Michael SpangIncrease XHCI suspend timeout to 16ms
2012-10-07 Elric FuxHCI: handle command after aborting the command ring
2012-10-07 Elric FuxHCI: cancel command after command timeout
2012-10-07 Elric FuxHCI: add aborting command ring function
2012-10-07 Elric FuxHCI: add cmd_ring_state
2012-10-07 Sarah Sharpxhci: Intel Panther Point BEI quirk.
2012-10-07 Khalid Azizfirmware: Add missing attributes to EFI variable attrib...
2012-10-07 Larry Fingerb43legacy: Fix crash on unload when firmware not available
2012-10-07 Ben Hutchingstools/hv: Check for read/write errors
2012-10-07 Ben Hutchingstools/hv: Fix exit() error code
2012-10-07 Ben Hutchingstools/hv: Fix file handle leak
2012-10-07 Flavio Leitnerserial: set correct baud_base for EXSYS EX-41092 Dual...
2012-10-07 Linus Walleijserial: pl011: handle corruption at high clock speeds
2012-10-07 Vikram Panditaserial: omap: fix software flow control
2012-10-07 Jiri SlabyTTY: ttyprintk, don't touch behind tty->write_buf
2012-10-07 Stanislav KozinaRemove BUG_ON from n_tty_read()
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: fix memory leak for saved channel...
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: don't dereference user memory for...
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: jr3_pci: fix iomem dereference
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: s626: don't dereference insn->data
2012-10-07 Larry Fingerstaging: r8712u: Do not queue cloned skb
2012-10-07 Christopher... tty: keyboard.c: Remove locking from vt_get_leds.
2012-10-07 Ben Hutchingsstaging: speakup_soft: Fix reading of init string
2012-10-07 Vivek Gautamusb: host: xhci: Fix Null pointer dereferencing with...
2012-10-07 Bjørn MorkUSB: qcaux: add Pantech vendor class match
2012-10-07 Antonio OspiteUSB: ftdi_sio: add TIAO USB Multi-Protocol Adapter...
2012-10-07 Bjørn MorkUSB: option: blacklist QMI interface on ZTE MF683
2012-10-07 Sebastian Andrzej... usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: fixup error probe path
2012-10-07 Mikulas Patockadm verity: fix overflow check
2012-10-07 Milan Brozdm table: clear add_random unless all devices have...
2012-10-07 Mike Snitzerdm: handle requests beyond end of device instead of...
2012-10-07 Miklos Szeredivfs: dcache: fix deadlock in tree traversal
2012-10-02 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.12 v3.4.12
2012-10-02 Will DeaconARM: 7467/1: mutex: use generic xchg-based implementati...
2012-10-02 Greg Kroah... Revert: drm/i915: correctly order the ring init sequence
2012-10-02 Dan Carpentervmwgfx: corruption in vmw_event_fence_action_create()
2012-10-02 Jani Nikuladrm/i915: fall back to bit-banging if GMBUS fails in...
2012-10-02 Dave Airliedrm/udl: limit modes to the sku pixel limits.
2012-10-02 Roland Stiggegpio-lpc32xx: Fix value handling of gpio_direction_output()
2012-10-02 Mark BrownASoC: wm2000: Correct register size
2012-10-02 Alan SternUSB: Fix race condition when removing host controllers
2012-10-02 Joachim EastwoodUSB: ohci-at91: fix null pointer in ohci_hcd_at91_overc...
2012-10-02 Stanislav KinsburskyLockD: pass service to per-net up and down functions
2012-10-02 Tejun Heokthread_worker: reimplement flush_kthread_work() to...
2012-10-02 Tejun Heokthread_worker: reorganize to prepare for flush_kthread...
2012-10-02 Stanislav KinsburskyNFSd: set nfsd_serv to NULL after service destruction
2012-10-02 Stanislav KinsburskyNFSd: introduce nfsd_destroy() helper
2012-10-02 Artem BityutskiyUBI: fix a horrible memory deallocation bug
2012-10-02 Seth Forsheeirq_remap: disable IRQ remapping if any IOAPIC lacks...
2012-10-02 Satoru Moriyamm: avoid swapping out with swappiness==0
2012-10-02 Bjørn Morknet: qmi_wwan: new devices: UML290 and K5006-Z
2012-10-02 Bjørn Morknet: qmi_wwan: add Sierra Wireless devices
2012-10-02 Bjørn Morknet: qmi_wwan: add ZTE MF821D
2012-10-02 Bjørn Morknet: qmi_wwan: add ZTE MF60
2012-10-02 Bjørn Morknet: qmi_wwan: Add Sierra Wireless device IDs
2012-10-02 Andrew Bird... USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3765-Z
2012-10-02 Bjørn Morknet: qmi_wwan: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support
2012-10-02 Darren Hartpch_uart: Add eg20t_port lock field, avoid recursive...
2012-10-02 Timur Tabipowerpc/85xx: p1022ds: fix DIU/LBC switching with NAND...
2012-10-02 Timur Tabipowerpc/85xx: p1022ds: disable the NAND flash node...
2012-10-02 Tomoya MORINAGApch_uart: Fix parity setting issue
2012-10-02 Tomoya MORINAGApch_uart: Fix rx error interrupt setting issue
2012-10-02 Alan Coxpch_uart: Fix missing break for 16 byte fifo
2012-10-02 Douglas Bagnallmedia: Avoid sysfs oops when an rc_dev's raw device...
2012-10-02 John Stultztime: Move ktime_t overflow checking into timespec_vali...
2012-10-02 John Stultztime: Avoid making adjustments if we haven't accumulate...
2012-10-02 John Stultztime: Improve sanity checking of timekeeping inputs
2012-10-02 Jarod Wilsonmedia: lirc_sir: make device registration work
2012-10-02 Yinghai Lumm: sparse: fix usemap allocation above node descriptor...
2012-10-02 Peter Zijlstrasched: Fix race in task_group()
2012-10-02 Francois Romieur8169: RxConfig hack for the 8168evl.
2012-10-02 Daniel J Bluemanlibata: Prevent interface errors with Seagate FreeAgent...
2012-10-02 Weiping Panrds: set correct msg_namelen
2012-10-02 Li ZhongFix a dead loop in async_synchronize_full()
2012-10-02 Ezequiel Garciamedia: cx25821: Remove bad strcpy to read-only char*
2012-10-02 Rustad, Mark Dnet: Statically initialize init_net.dev_base_head
2012-10-02 Vinicius Costa... Bluetooth: Fix sending a HCI Authorization Request...
2012-10-02 Vinicius Costa... Bluetooth: Change signature of smp_conn_security()
2012-10-02 Andre GuedesBluetooth: Fix use-after-free bug in SMP