2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirreomap4iss: csiphy: Increase the timeout for power for4AI.1.5
2012-07-13 Sergio AguirreHACK: omap4iss: Remove CSI2B for now
2012-07-13 Sergio AguirreBlazeTablet: camera: Adapt to new ov56x0 platform data
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda_defconfig: Add OMAP4 V4L2 camera support
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirreblaze_defconfig: Add OMAP4 V4L2 camera support
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrearm: omap4panda: Add support for omap4iss camera
2012-07-13 Sergio AguirreOMAP4: BlazeTablet: Add support for v4l2 camera
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrearm: omap4430sdp: Add support for omap4iss camera
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrev4l: Add support for ov5650 sensor
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrev4l: Add support for ov5640 sensor
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrev4l: Add support for omap4iss driver
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirreomap4: Support for ISS preallocated buffer
2012-07-13 Sergio AguirreOMAP4: Add base addresses for ISS
2012-07-13 Sergio AguirreOMAP4: hwmod: Include CSI2A/B and CSIPHY1/2 memory...
2012-07-13 Sakari Ailusv4l: Implement v4l2_subdev_link_validate()
2012-07-13 Sakari Ailusv4l: Improve sub-device documentation for pad ops
2012-07-13 Sakari Ailusmedia: Add link_validate() op to check links to the...
2012-07-13 Sakari Ailusv4l: Image processing control class
2012-07-13 Sakari Ailusv4l: Image source control class
2012-07-13 Sakari Ailusv4l: Introduce integer menu controls
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirremfd: twl6040: Fix wrong TWL6040_GPO3 bitfield value
2012-07-13 Marek Szyprowskimedia: vb2: fix handling MAPPED buffer flag
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda_defconfig: Remove remote proc related Power Manag...
2012-07-13 Israel CepedaPanda: Adding audio support in defconfig
2012-07-13 Israel CepedaOMAP4: Panda: Adding board version and ID
2012-07-13 Sergio AguirreHACK: panda_defconfig: Set governor to performance
2012-07-13 Saravanan SolaiyappanUVC: Enable CONFIG_USB_VIDEO_CLASS to default.
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda_defconfig: One more attempt to reduce differences
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda_defconfig: Don't specify vram size
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda_defconfig: Update kernel version (blitsville...
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda_defconfig: Remove SGX driver from blaze_defconfig
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda: group omapfb platform data setting to display...
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda: Removing duplicate call to set vram
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda: Restrict carveout to the display size
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda: Do not change voltage on VUSB LDO
2012-07-13 Sergio Aguirrepanda: Add init data for CLK32KAUDIO TWL6030 resource
2012-07-13 Sergio AguirreTI thermal framework: Fix Makefile bug
2012-05-25 Peter NordströmOMAP4: Blaze: Removing duplicate call to set vram
2012-05-25 Peter NordströmOMAP4: Blaze: Add dsi timing parameters
2012-05-24 Tyler Luurpmsg: omx: add handling of ion system heap buffers
2012-05-24 Suman Annarpmsg: omx: add ion system heap to omx ion client
2012-05-24 Tyler Luurpmsg: omx: implement separate register ioctl for sgx...
2012-05-24 Keith DeaconMerge "omaprpc: ion: adapt to omap ion api change"...
2012-05-24 Keith DeaconMerge "ion: omap: change behaviour of getting buffers...
2012-05-24 Keith DeaconMerge "gpu: ion: check for input arguments in ion_free...
2012-05-23 Patrick CombesEnable OMAP_RFKILL_STE_MODEM for 'ste-p5780'
2012-05-23 Julien VuillaumierOMAP: rfkill driver for ST-E modem
2012-05-23 Oleksandr KozarukOMAP4: DVFS: Fix scaling dependent frequencies.
2012-05-23 Dima Svetlovplat-omap: android-display: add 2 extra VRAM buffers...
2012-05-23 Peter NordströmOMAP4: OMAPDSS: Request higher bandwidth for 1080p FB
2012-05-22 Tyler Luuomaprpc: ion: adapt to omap ion api change
2012-05-22 Tyler Luuion: omap: change behaviour of getting buffers from...
2012-05-22 Suman Annagpu: ion: check for input arguments in ion_free
2012-05-22 Andy GrossOMAP: TILER: validate input width and height
2012-05-21 Juan Gutierrezrpmsg: omx: initialize completion event in rpmsg_omx_open
2012-05-21 Miguel Vadillorpmsg: omx: send disconnect only if omx state is connected
2012-05-21 Suman Annarpmsg: omx: fix copy_to_user in register/unregister...
2012-05-18 Keith DeaconMerge commit 'refs/changes/95/22495/2' of ssh://review...
2012-05-18 David Schleefomap: Add TILER reservation ION heap to omap4 board...
2012-05-18 David Schleefomap: Add ION system heap to omap board file
2012-05-18 David Schleefion: fix comment to match reality
2012-05-18 David Schleefion: add support for tiler reservation heap
2012-05-18 David Schleefion: convert system heap to alloc_page()
2012-05-18 Cedric VamourOMAP4: PM: IVA AUTO RET relaxed workaround in idle...
2012-05-18 Dima SvetlovMerge branch wuxga/p-android-omap-3.0-dev into p-androi...
2012-05-18 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: drop small YUV encoded frames on OMAP44xx
2012-05-17 Sunita NadampalliOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: extended platform info query for...
2012-05-17 Sunita NadampalliOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Added support for back bufer copy...
2012-05-17 Sunita NadampalliION: Added support for getting ion phys without client
2012-05-17 Dima SvetlovRevert "OMAPDSS: Increase PLL1_CLK1 frequency for corre...
2012-05-17 Sunita NadampalliOMAPDSS: MFlag thresholds settings
2012-05-17 Dima SvetlovOMAP4: Tablet: Configure TILER1D and FB allocation...
2012-05-17 Peter NordströmOMAP4: Tablet: Support for Cypress touchpanel
2012-05-17 Peter NordströmInput: Add driver for Cypress touchpanels
2012-05-17 Peter Nordströmblaze_defconfig: Don't specify vram size
2012-05-17 Peter Nordströmplat-omap: android-display: Set min number of vram...
2012-05-17 Peter NordströmOMAP4: tablet: Make panel configuration dynamic
2012-05-17 Peter NordströmOMAPDSS: DSI: Enable DSI and DISPC configuration from...
2012-05-17 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DISPC: fix pclk divisor limits
2012-05-17 Lajos MolnarOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Added platform_info and getter
2012-05-17 Muralidhar... Input: CEC keyboard driver
2012-05-17 Muralidhar... OMAPDSS: CEC: Adding HDMI CEC support
2012-05-17 Muralidhar... OMAPDSS: CEC: Adding support for CEC in HDMI driver
2012-05-17 Muralidhar... OMAPDSS: CEC: Add callback to CEC driver on HDMI HPD
2012-05-17 Muralidhar... OMAPDSS: CEC: Physical address discovery form edid
2012-05-17 Miguel Vadilloomap: rpmsg: bump to max freq while booting remote...
2012-05-17 Chandra Sekhar... remoteproc: add a notify event for firmware preload
2012-05-17 Vidhoon Viswanathanrpmsg: omx: return ENXIO in rpmsg_omx_write
2012-05-17 David Schleefremoteproc: fix obsolete comment about memory_maps
2012-05-17 David Schleefrpmsg: omx: copy_from_user() errors should return ...
2012-05-16 Eugen MandrenkoOMAP2PLUS:fix for TF doesn't work when CPU1 on/off
2012-05-16 Erik RaineyAdd a generic OMAP Remote Procedure Call Driver
2012-05-16 Peter Zijlstrasched: Fix select_fallback_rq() vs cpu_active/cpu_online
2012-05-16 Peter Zijlstrasched: Cleanup cpu_active madness
2012-05-15 Lajos MolnarOMAP4: ion: remove hardcoded carveout sizes
2012-05-15 Lajos MolnarOMAP4: Tablet: Restrict carveouts based on display...
2012-05-15 Lajos MolnarOMAP4: Blaze: Restrict carveout to the Blaze display...
2012-05-15 Lajos MolnarOMAP2: generic Android display configuration setup
2012-05-15 Lajos MolnarOMAP4: ion: Calculate carveout addresses based on sizes
2012-05-15 Lajos MolnarOMAP4: ion: move omap4_ion.h under mach/include