2011-06-14 Dave Jonescan: Add missing socket check in can/bcm release.
2011-06-13 Timo Warnsfs/partitions/efi.c: corrupted GUID partition tables...
2011-06-07 Paolo PisatiUBUNTU: [Config] Turn on CONFIG_USER_NS and DEVPTS_MULT...
2011-06-06 Phil Oesterbonding: Incorrect TX queue offset, CVE-2011-1581
2011-05-31 Vasiliy Kulikovagp: fix OOM and buffer overflow
2011-05-31 Oliver Hartkoppcan: add missing socket check in can/raw release
2011-05-31 Vasiliy Kulikovagp: fix arbitrary kernel memory writes
2011-05-31 Dan Rosenbergmpt2sas: prevent heap overflows and unchecked reads
2011-05-30 Paolo PisatiUBUNTU: Start new release
2011-04-28 Bryan WuUBUNTU: Ubuntu-2.6.38-1209.13
2011-04-28 Bryan WuUBUNTU: Bump ABI
2011-04-28 Bryan WuUBUNTU: [Config] Sync up configs for
2011-04-28 Bryan WuUBUNTU: cherry-pick 6 patches from u2 of 'for-ubuntu...
2011-04-28 Grant Likelyarm/dt: vexpress: Update basic DT to use skeleton.dtsi...
2011-04-28 Grant Likelyarm/dt: Fix broken dtbs rule.
2011-04-28 Juergen KilbOMAP: Fixed gpio polarity of gpio USB-phy reset.
2011-04-28 Lorenzo PieralisiARM: vexpress: add basic dts DT source
2011-04-28 Lorenzo PieralisiARM: vexpress: add basic DT platform matching support
2011-04-28 Tushar BeheraARM: EXYNOS4: Register HSMMC2 before HSMMC0 on SMDKV310...
2011-04-28 Bryan WuUBUNTU: merge Ubuntu-2.6.38-9.43
2011-04-28 Bryan WuMerge 'Ubuntu-2.6.38-9.43' into ti-omap4
2011-04-28 Bryan WuUBUNTU: Start new release
2011-04-28 Brad FiggUBUNTU: Ubuntu-2.6.38-9.43
2011-04-27 Chris Wilson(pre-stable) drm/i915: Sanitize the output registers...
2011-04-27 Paolo PisatiUBUNTU: [Config] s/USB_MUSB_TUSB6010/USB_MUSB_OMAP2PLUS...
2011-04-27 Herton Ronaldo... UBUNTU: SAUCE: Revert "x86, hibernate: Initialize mmu_c...
2011-04-27 Timo Warnsfs/partitions/ldm.c: fix oops caused by corrupted parti...
2011-04-27 Tim GardnerUBUNTU: [Config] Add cachefiles.ko to virtual flavour
2011-04-27 Felix Fietkau(pre stable) ath9k_hw: partially revert "fix dma descri...
2011-04-27 Leann OgasawaraUBUNTU: [Config] updateconfigs for
2011-04-27 Greg Kroah... Linux
2011-04-27 Eric Dumazetip: ip_options_compile() resilient to NULL skb route
2011-04-27 Eric Dumazetbridge: reset IPCB in br_parse_ip_options
2011-04-27 Kyle McMartinperf tool: Fix gcc 4.6.0 issues
2011-04-27 Gustavo F.... Bluetooth: Fix HCI_RESET command synchronization
2011-04-27 Michel Dänzerradeon: Fix KMS CP writeback on big endian machines.
2011-04-27 Matthew WilcoxUSB: Fix unplug of device with active streams
2011-04-27 Dmitry TorokhovUSB: xhci - also free streams when resetting devices
2011-04-27 Dmitry TorokhovUSB: xhci - fix math in xhci_get_endpoint_interval()
2011-04-27 Dmitry TorokhovUSB: xhci - fix unsafe macro definitions
2011-04-27 Dmitry TorokhovUSB: fix formatting of SuperSpeed endpoints in /proc...
2011-04-27 Alan SternUSB: EHCI: unlink unused QHs when the controller is...
2011-04-27 Steven Hardyusb: qcserial add missing errorpath kfrees
2011-04-27 Steven Hardyusb: qcserial avoid pointing to freed memory
2011-04-27 Steven Hardyusb: Fix qcserial memory leak on rmmod
2011-04-27 Eric B Munsonpowerpc/perf_event: Skip updating kernel counters if...
2011-04-27 Anton Blanchardpowerpc: Fix oops if scan_dispatch_log is called too...
2011-04-27 Linus Torvaldsproc: do proper range check on readdir offset
2011-04-27 Linus Torvaldsnext_pidmap: fix overflow condition
2011-04-27 Marius B. KotsbakUSB: option: Added support for Samsung GT-B3730/GT...
2011-04-27 Paul FriedrichUSB: ftdi_sio: add ids for Hameg HO720 and HO730
2011-04-27 Johan HovoldUSB: ftdi_sio: add PID for OCT DK201 docking station
2011-04-27 Christian SimonUSB: ftdi_sio: Added IDs for CTI USB Serial Devices
2011-04-27 Felipe Balbiusb: musb: temporarily make it bool
2011-04-27 Jiri Kosinabrk: COMPAT_BRK: fix detection of randomized brk
2011-04-27 KOSAKI Motohirovmscan: all_unreclaimable() use zone->all_unreclaimable...
2011-04-27 Ken Chensched: Fix erroneous all_pinned logic
2011-04-27 Mike FrysingerRTC: add missing "return 0" in new alarm func for rtc...
2011-04-27 Alex Deucheri2c-algo-bit: Call pre/post_xfer for bit_test
2011-04-27 Will DeaconARM: 6864/1: hw_breakpoint: clear DBGVCR out of reset
2011-04-27 Tim Chenvfs: Fix absolute RCU path walk failures due to uniniti...
2011-04-27 Joerg Roedelx86, amd: Disable GartTlbWlkErr when BIOS forgets it
2011-04-27 Boris Ostrovskyx86, AMD: Set ARAT feature on AMD processors
2011-04-27 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: fix oops when R/O file-system is fsync'ed
2011-04-27 Randy DunlapMAINTAINERS: update STABLE BRANCH info
2011-04-27 KOSAKI Motohirooom-kill: remove boost_dying_task_prio()
2011-04-27 Bob Liuramfs: fix memleak on no-mmu arch
2011-04-27 Ben Hutchingsmm/thp: use conventional format for boolean attributes
2011-04-27 Alexey Dobriyankstrto*: converting strings to integers done (hopefully...
2011-04-27 Darren Hartfutex: Set FLAGS_HAS_TIMEOUT during futex_wait restart...
2011-04-27 David S. Millersparc64: Fix build errors with gcc-4.6.0
2011-04-27 Tkhai Kirillsparc32: Pass task_struct to schedule_tail() in ret_fro...
2011-04-27 David S. Millersparc32: Fix might-be-used-uninitialized warning in...
2011-04-27 Ben Hutchingssparc: Fix .size directive for do_int_load
2011-04-27 Herbert Xubridge: Reset IPCB when entering IP stack on NF_FORWARD
2011-04-27 Eric Dumazetvlan: should take into account needed_headroom
2011-04-27 Steffen Klassertxfrm: Refcount destination entry on xfrm_lookup
2011-04-27 Yuchung Chengtcp: avoid cwnd moderation in undo
2011-04-27 David S. Millersctp: Pass __GFP_NOWARN to hash table allocation attempts.
2011-04-27 Ulrich Weberpppoe: drop PPPOX_ZOMBIEs in pppoe_flush_dev
2011-04-27 Dan Siemonnet_sched: fix ip_tos2prio
2011-04-27 Eric W. Biedermannet ipv6: Fix duplicate /proc/sys/net/ipv6/neigh direct...
2011-04-27 James Chapmanl2tp: fix possible oops on l2tp_eth module unload
2011-04-27 Alex Dubovgianfar: Fall back to software tcp/udp checksum on...
2011-04-27 Eric Dumazetfib: add rtnl locking in ip_fib_net_exit
2011-04-27 Linus Lüssingbridge: Fix possibly wrong MLD queries' ethernet source...
2011-04-27 Peter Zijlstraperf: Fix task context scheduling
2011-04-27 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: fix assertion warnings
2011-04-27 Linus Torvaldsvm: fix mlock() on stack guard page
2011-04-27 Jeff Mahoneymca.c: Fix cast from integer to pointer warning
2011-04-27 Jeff Mahoneytioca: Fix assignment from incompatible pointer warnings
2011-04-27 Jan Beulichx86: Fix a bogus unwind annotation in lib/semaphore_32.S
2011-04-27 Jiri SlabyNET: cdc-phonet, handle empty phonet header
2011-04-27 Takashi IwaiALSA: hda - Fix pin-config of Gigabyte mobo
2011-04-27 Vasiliy KulikovUBIFS: restrict world-writable debugfs files
2011-04-27 Vasiliy Kulikovvideo: sn9c102: world-wirtable sysfs files
2011-04-27 Jeff Laytoncifs: wrap received signature check in srv_mutex
2011-04-27 Jeff Laytoncifs: set ra_pages in backing_dev_info
2011-04-27 Jeff Laytoncifs: check for private_data before trying to put it
2011-04-27 Jeff Laytoncifs: always do is_path_accessible check in cifs_mount