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last changeTue, 28 Feb 2012 03:09:57 +0000 (21:09 -0600)
2012-02-28 Sergio AguirreMerge branch 'master' of git:// master
2012-01-25 Laurent PinchartAdd --stride argument
2012-01-25 Andy Shevchenkowarn if written size is different to original one
2012-01-24 Jacob PanAdd NV pixel formats
2011-12-21 Laurent PinchartAdd support for Y10 and Y12 pixel formats
2011-12-09 Giorgio VazzanaAdd missing header file sys/stat.h
2011-11-25 Laurent PinchartSupport writing all frames to a single file
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartExit when VIDIOC_STREAMON fails.
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartPrint both error text and error code in error messages.
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartUse monotonic clock to retrieve timestamps
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartAdd support for RGB formats
2011-09-28 Sergio Aguirreraw2bmp: Add support for raw 10bit (EXP16) format
2011-09-28 Sergio AguirreAdd raw bayer to bitmap conversion tool
2011-08-10 Laurent PinchartAdd buffer overrun checks overrun
2011-07-11 Laurent PinchartFree userspace buffers when freeing video buffers
2011-07-11 Laurent PinchartAdd --realtime option to switch to RR scheduling
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