Add struct buffer object
[omap4-v4l2-camera:yavta.git] / yavta.c
2010-11-26 Laurent PinchartAdd struct buffer object
2010-11-26 Laurent PinchartFix uninitialized variable warning in video_do_capture()
2010-11-26 Laurent PinchartAdd buffer error flag to information printed after...
2010-09-29 Laurent PinchartAdd option to make requeue of last buffers configurable
2010-09-29 Laurent PinchartPrint device bus info when opening the device
2010-08-06 Sakari AilusDo not divide by zero.
2010-08-06 Laurent PinchartBasic test pattern support for video output devices
2010-08-06 Sakari AilusOptimise for safer free() usage.
2010-07-30 Laurent PinchartMake -c and -F options accept an optional argument
2010-07-22 Laurent PinchartAdd support for the V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y16 format
2010-06-23 Laurent PinchartAdd --offset option to select userspace buffer alignment
2010-06-02 Laurent PinchartSet the v4l2_buffer::length field when queueing a buffer
2010-06-02 Laurent PinchartAlign userspace buffers to a page size boundary
2010-05-21 Laurent PinchartWarn when v4l2_buffer::bytesused has an unexpected...
2010-05-19 Laurent PinchartInitial import