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2009-06-09 Srinivas Maturilsovf update for substitution groups master
2009-05-29 Srinivas MaturiDeployment configuration [modified]
2009-05-29 Srinivas MaturiDeployment configuration
2009-05-06 Srinivas MaturiPackaging of virtual appliance with multiplevirtual... dev
2009-05-06 Srinivas Maturiinclude only basename of of ovf in manifest file
2009-05-06 Srinivas MaturiUnpacking ova file
2009-05-06 Srinivas MaturiPackaging ova file
2009-04-28 Scott Moserif TMPDIR environment is set, use it for mkdtemp
2009-04-28 Srinivas MaturiPackaging of virtual appliance with multiple virtual...
2009-04-27 Murillo Fernandes... Add simple test case for new
2009-04-27 Murillo Fernandes... Rewrite
2009-04-27 Srinivas MaturiVM startup
2009-04-06 Scott Mosermake ovf-envelope.xsd and ovf-environment.xsd reference...
2009-04-06 Scott Moserupdate schemas to current published versions
2009-04-06 Scott Moserremove --version from lsovf
2009-04-06 Scott Moseradd missing tests to
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