2011-06-01 Luiz Augusto... Fix build errors on obex_test tool when using gcc 4.6
2011-02-22 Hendrik SattlerFix Windows build broken by commit b807401578a6
2011-02-21 Johan HedbergFix miscellaneous coding style issues
2011-02-19 Hendrik SattlerAdd verbose flag and use it to print more information...
2011-02-19 Hendrik SattlerFix usb transport
2011-02-19 Hendrik SattlerFix compilation for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler versi...
2011-02-19 Hendrik SattlerMerge all transport-specific data into one union
2011-02-19 Hendrik SattlerFix wrong installation rule instroduced in 81d918714d75...
2011-01-20 Hendrik SattlerReorganize some line in acinline.m4 and fix openobex...
2011-01-20 Hendrik SattlerBuild manpages with autotools using xmlto
2011-01-20 Hendrik SattlerFix Doxygen output for autotools build when srcdir...
2011-01-20 Hendrik SattlerAdd udev helper to allow access to USB devices for...
2011-01-18 Johan HedbergAllow bootstrap-configure to take extra parameters
2011-01-02 Iain HibbertFix OBEX_ResponseToString documentation
2010-12-21 Hendrik SattlerFix non-header data parsing
2010-12-20 Hendrik SattlerCentralize memory allocation for data reading
2010-12-16 Hendrik SattlerFix return codes for libusb-0.1 transport
2010-12-16 Hendrik SattlerMake sure that all TX data gets transferred
2010-12-16 Hendrik SattlerFix definitions in pkg-config file
2010-12-13 Luiz Augusto... Add support for OBEX_DEBUG and OBEX_DUMP enviroment...
2010-12-13 Luiz Augusto... Fix not resetting state to idle when canceling a reques...
2010-12-08 Johan HedbergFix miscelaneous coding style issues
2010-12-05 Hendrik SattlerUse fast path for rejected packets
2010-12-05 Hendrik SattlerAdd support for SRM flags
2010-12-05 Hendrik SattlerAdd SRM header ID definitions
2010-12-05 Hendrik SattlerMake obex_object_send() easier to understand
2010-12-05 Hendrik SattlerReformat debug dump output
2010-12-05 Hendrik SattlerAdd support for single response mode
2010-11-15 Hendrik SattlerAllow custom transport to insert whole packets on read()
2010-11-15 Hendrik SattlerReturn correct return value for USB-1.x write timeout
2010-11-15 Hendrik SattlerHandle multiple messages in RX message queue
2010-11-10 Hendrik SattlerRemove STATE_START
2010-10-23 Hendrik SattlerStrip second argument of obex_object_setcmd()
2010-10-19 Hendrik SattlerAPI documentation updates
2010-10-19 Hendrik SattlerMake argument of buf_total_size() const
2010-10-15 Luiz Augusto... Fix OBEX_CancelRequest for server mode
2010-10-13 Luiz Augusto... Fix use of state as mode
2010-09-28 Hendrik SattlerAdd option for hint filtering to obex_find
2010-09-28 Hendrik SattlerDo no send REQHINT event for ABORT command.
2010-09-28 Hendrik SattlerFix bug in custom transport
2010-08-26 Johan HedbergFix miscelaneous coding style issues
2010-08-23 Hendrik SattlerMSVC build fix, and bug fix for 32-bit systems
2010-08-23 Hendrik SattlerCheck that SetCustomData is only used with OBEX_TRANS_C...
2010-08-13 Luiz Augusto... Fix autoconf build warnings
2010-08-13 Luiz Augusto... Enable AM_SILENT_RULES if supported
2010-08-12 Luiz Augusto... Fix not resuming server requests properly
2010-08-12 Luiz Augusto... Fix not ignoring aborted objects when resuming
2010-08-11 Vinicius Costa... Fix final bit not being set on a resumed request
2010-07-22 Hendrik SattlerFix build with autotools
2010-07-20 Hendrik SattlerUpdate documentation cover page and add more documentat...
2010-07-20 Hendrik SattlerProcess body headers after REQCHECK
2010-07-20 Hendrik SattlerSplit obex_object_receive()
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerMake data pointer of buf_insert_*() const
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerAdd an application for finding connectable devices.
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerCode cleanup
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerMake send/write routines honour the user-selected timeout
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerAdd read callback for custom transport
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerRemove indirect buffer copying by obex_data_indication()
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerAdd OBEX_FL_CLOEXEC flag
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerMove obex_transport specific code to own functions
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerAdd obex_transport init and cleanup functions
2010-07-17 Hendrik SattlerMove socket_t variables to struct obex_transport
2010-07-16 Hendrik SattlerUse notifiers to get the USB-1.x FD more reliably
2010-07-16 Hendrik SattlerUse the transport data pointer to store the obex_ctrans_t
2010-07-15 Hendrik SattlerUse WSAStartup() on Windows only for transports that...
2010-07-14 Hendrik SattlerAdd transport specific data pointer
2010-07-14 Hendrik SattlerMake the IrDA device enumeration accessable to the...
2010-07-14 Hendrik SattlerAdd transport enumeration function wrapper
2010-07-14 Hendrik SattlerAdd missing AF_INET conversion
2010-07-14 Hendrik SattlerAdd a generic struct for transport operations
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerCmake build files: fix build option for data dumping
2010-07-13 Thomas KoellerCmake build files: fix installation on 64-bit linux
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerCMake build files: allow debug levels > 1
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerFix FindLibUSB cmake module
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerFix build errors with MSVC
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerLet obex_test handle Ctrl+D
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerAdd help message to obex_test
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerMove ircp to apps/ directory
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerMove source of common app library to its own subdir
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerMove all obex_test source files to own subdir
2010-07-13 Steven Walterobex_data_indication: obex_transport_read return on...
2010-07-13 Steven Walterobex_object_send: reduce totallen when dequeueing headers
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerSplit big switch-case into several functions
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerPut state and mode into seperate variables
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerMove linux irda.h to include directory
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerFix printf data types in debug function calls
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerRemove simple and unused unicode conversion functions...
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerReduce code duplication
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerRevert "Use select also for USB when the read file...
2010-07-13 Hendrik SattlerFix commit ab21c6c431afab2d0f368430bad1496e2f0caf1c
2010-03-01 Hendrik SattlerRemove alread removed function from documentation
2010-03-01 Hendrik SattlerSet current obex command for OBEX_EV_STREAM*
2010-03-01 Hendrik SattlerClean up memory allocation function usage
2010-03-01 Hendrik SattlerRemove duplicated definitions of obex header types
2010-03-01 Hendrik SattlerUse select also for USB when the read file descriptor...
2010-03-01 Bastien NoceraFix invalid memory access
2010-03-01 Bastien NoceraExport the libusb1 read file descriptor
2010-03-01 Bastien NoceraFix libusb1 detection
2010-03-01 Hendrik SattlerAdd ACTION command opcode and new header ids from v1...
2010-03-01 Hendrik SattlerMake obex_transport_accept static