split the report into lines
[opensuse:apport-opensuse-crashdb.git] / app / views / report / index.html.erb
2010-06-08 Stephan Kulowsplit the report into lines
2010-06-07 Stephan Kulowmake it use new bento theme
2009-02-26 Jan BlunckDRY up report templates
2009-02-24 Jan BlunckRefactor Report model: use composed_of :content
2009-01-20 Jan BlunckAdd Maintainer Mode
2009-01-20 Jan BlunckCleanup of html templates
2009-01-20 Jan BlunckAdd product and/or text search. E.g.:
2009-01-20 Jan BlunckRenamed the Log model to Report. This matches the namin...