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last changeWed, 6 Mar 2013 18:51:53 +0000 (19:51 +0100)
2013-03-06 Olaf Heringbump year in Copyright master
2013-03-06 Olaf Heringpreserve osc _link files when exporting to directory
2013-03-06 Olaf HeringInclude hyperv_fb if running in hyper-v guest (fate...
2013-02-27 Olaf Heringupdate changes file
2013-02-26 Alexander GrafAdd support for zImage on ARM
2013-02-26 Michal MarekFix typo in man lsinitrd
2013-02-25 Michal MarekDo not tell the user to refresh the bootloader when...
2013-02-25 Michal MarekFix the wording if the bootloader was not refreshed
2013-02-12 Werner FinkFix boolean typo that is assume local time as default...
2012-12-17 Michal MarekMerge branch 'openSUSE-12.2'
2012-12-17 Michal MarekFix typo in purge-kernels.service openSUSE-12.2
2012-12-07 Lee, Chun-Yimkinitrd: copy firmware signature files to initrd
2012-11-26 Olaf Heringlsinitrd: make internal cmdline option handling consistent
2012-11-09 Olaf HeringVersion 2.7.2.
2012-11-09 Olaf Heringput udev related files into /usr/lib/udev
2012-11-09 Olaf Heringadd .changes entry for commit "new utility cmdinitrd"
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