2008-02-14 Jan BlunckIgnore backup files
2008-02-14 Jan BlunckAdded templates and minor bugfixes
2008-02-14 Jan BlunckDocumentation about tools
2008-02-14 Jan BlunckCall run-strip after bootstrap
2008-02-14 Jan BlunckImage building enhancements
2008-02-14 Jan BlunckAdded Makefile
2008-02-13 Richard GuentherSome help, some streamlining and make --build work...
2008-02-13 Richard GuentherWrite graph dot to a file (--graph file-name).
2008-02-13 Richard Guentheradd magic 'factory' argument for --repo
2008-02-12 Richard Guenthermove file-list processing after parsing of all reposito...
2008-02-12 Jan BlunckSupport for fakeroot
2008-02-12 Richard Guentherinitial drop
2008-02-12 Jan BlunckInital commit