2010-05-28 Adrian Schröteradd a hint to chown log files to avoid startup errors
2010-05-28 Adrian Schröterfix html layout with large comments
2010-05-28 Stephan Kulowbuild.o.o is taken for 1.6, so take build2.o.o
2010-05-28 Stephan Kulowremove the extra css with just one line
2010-05-28 Benjamin BrunnerChanged buglist from table to list
2010-05-27 Thomas Schmidtwe don't need a hostname here
2010-05-27 Thomas Schmidt[api] fix linking of remote project
2010-05-27 Martin Mohringpackage also the RPM and Debian tree import scripts
2010-05-27 Stephan Kulow[webui] cache the user itself in a different key
2010-05-27 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fix request query for users with many subprojec...
2010-05-27 Stephan Kulowdo not generate invalid xhtml
2010-05-27 Stephan Kulowsome cleanup in the patchinfo handling
2010-05-27 Benjamin BrunnerAdded the basic functions for a Patchinfo editor
2010-05-27 Adrian Schröter* fix the webui file adding via remote url finally...
2010-05-27 Michael Schroeder- obey useforbuild when deleting or wiping packages
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidt[webui] improve display of remote projects
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidt[api] redirect to startpage
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidtenhance readme
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidt[api] fix import script
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidt[webui] don't redirect to the only project automatically
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidt[webui] use global find_cached, fix wrong usage in...
2010-05-26 Stephan Kulow[webui] rework the sponsors box
2010-05-26 Michael Schroeder- add '--top' mode
2010-05-26 Michael Schroederuse '-' instead of ' -'
2010-05-26 Michael Schroeder- add bs_serverstatus command
2010-05-26 Michael Schroeder- always return package status
2010-05-26 Michael Schroeder- handoff remote source requests to ajax server
2010-05-26 Michael Schroeder- support serverstatus request
2010-05-26 Michael Schroeder- make xml decoding a special receiver, allow arg for...
2010-05-26 Stephan Kulow[webui] surive results without status and remove debug css
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidtupdate shared
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidt[webui] free caches on package delete
2010-05-26 Adrian Schröteradd compatibility URL for request/diff
2010-05-26 Adrian Schröterfix testsuite runtime error, missing requires
2010-05-26 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix the asset host logic
2010-05-26 Adrian Schrötermake visible and enabled architectures in webui configu...
2010-05-26 Adrian Schröteradd fedora 13 and Ubuntu 10.04 to base distribution...
2010-05-25 Adrian SchröterWarn about an update from 1.8 to 2.0. 1.9.90
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterfix layout and runtime errors
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterfix regexp in pakcage name validation
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterprepare submission of data in _project package
2010-05-25 Stephan Kulow[webui] don't die on generated images (plothistory)
2010-05-25 Thomas Schmidt[api] fix include path in import script
2010-05-25 Michael Schroeder- allow projectconfig change with _project upload
2010-05-25 Stephan Kulow[webui] hopefully got relative images correct
2010-05-25 Thomas Schmidt[webui] set bento nav links for non-js
2010-05-25 Stephan Kulow[webui] use static.o.o for everything
2010-05-25 Thomas Schmidt[webui] make the watchlist work without js
2010-05-25 Michael Schroeder- put deleted projects in _deleted directory so that...
2010-05-25 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fall back to normal login page on no-javascript
2010-05-25 Thomas Schmidt[webui] adding _link patches fails if other elements...
2010-05-25 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fix package linking
2010-05-25 Thomas Schmidt[webui] correctly detect linked packages
2010-05-25 Adrian Schrötertransport meta flag on file operations
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterfix links to request diff call, named request "show...
2010-05-25 Stephan Kulow[api] user is now a string
2010-05-25 Stephan Kulow[api] ignore all characters not in utf8
2010-05-25 Stephan Kulow[api] fix the "do not show other people's watchlist...
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterpatch command changed in a incompatible way, make it...
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterfix runtime error when accessing _config
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterimprove release notes and link to created wiki concept...
2010-05-22 Adrian SchröterSync layout with binary page
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröterdocument yesterdays api extension for
2010-05-21 Adrian Schröteradd missing repository state page
2010-05-21 Adrian Schröter* add support for project and package undelete
2010-05-21 Michael Schroeder- oops, the privkey is spelled signkey...
2010-05-21 Michael Schroeder- add project/package undelete
2010-05-21 Adrian Schröter* Add repository state page to show build cycles and...
2010-05-21 Adrian Schrötershow at least that there are multiple actions in a...
2010-05-21 Stephan Kulow[webui] discard caches when the browser doesn't want...
2010-05-21 Thomas Schmidt[webui] add icons to live log controls
2010-05-21 Thomas Schmidt[webui] use delete method
2010-05-21 Thomas Schmidt[api] set validation error type
2010-05-21 Michael Schroeder- fix bugs in fdb_getmatch, allow fh passing in fdb_add_i
2010-05-21 Michael Schroeder- put scheduler queue stats into workerstatus
2010-05-21 Michael Schroeder- use srcmd5 for pattern fetch
2010-05-20 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-20 Michael Schroeder- report cycles in builddepinfo query
2010-05-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate shared submodule
2010-05-20 Adrian Schrötermbranch: let the link point to update project, even...
2010-05-20 Adrian Schröteryet another try to get linked project database entries...
2010-05-20 Adrian Schrötera bit more logical
2010-05-20 Michael Schroeder- lower priority of src changes through links from...
2010-05-20 Stephan Kulow[webui] break lines in live_build_log
2010-05-20 Michael Schroeder- change norootexceptions again: it's more flexible...
2010-05-20 Adrian Schröterrun build as root also if a package has been tagged...
2010-05-19 Ruediger Oertelthere can be more than one globalrole
2010-05-19 Pavol Rusnakremove unneeded email icons in users view
2010-05-19 Michael Schroeder- guard rename against empty files
2010-05-19 Michael Schroeder- add revisions for project/package metadata
2010-05-19 Ruediger Oerteladd globalrole to person struct
2010-05-19 Michael Schroeder- relax limit check a bit, use 413 as error code
2010-05-19 Michael Schroeder- serialize source downloads to keep the remote server...
2010-05-19 Adrian Schrötercatch backend failures on search. Not the final solutio...
2010-05-19 Adrian Schröter* fix permission handling on branching
2010-05-18 Stephan Kulow[webui] go back to project controller in error case
2010-05-18 Michael Schroeder- use POST for lastevents to limit the url length....
2010-05-18 Michael Schroeder- implement limit for publish search
2010-05-18 Thomas Schmidt[webui] uncache filelist on incoming request
2010-05-18 Adrian Schröterupdate to current master, fixing missing symbols