* support user notification about product upgrades as specified in
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / backend / BSProductXML.pm
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröter* support user notification about product upgrades...
2009-12-01 Adrian Schröter* Use "requiredarch" definitions from kiwi product...
2009-11-27 Adrian SchröterInitial support for patchlevel/service pack.
2009-11-02 Adrian Schröterups, forgot to declare attribute
2009-10-30 Adrian Schrötersupport obsolete packages (esp for coolo :)
2009-10-26 Adrian Schröterallow to specify a repository only media (just for...
2009-02-11 Adrian SchröterSupport for export of support tool dist tags
2008-11-27 Adrian Schröterignore name and priority for repos, but handle prio...
2008-11-21 Adrian SchröterAllow addarch and arch defines for extra packages....
2008-11-21 Lars Vogdt- add product relationship handling, part1
2008-11-12 Lars Vogdt- add support for preselected patterns in content file
2008-11-07 Adrian Schröterexport architecture to release file (#439165)
2008-10-31 Adrian Schrötermake media style configurable.
2008-10-30 Adrian Schröter* make media check configurable per media
2008-10-30 Adrian SchröterImplement support for enabling media check.
2008-10-30 Adrian Schröterimplement handling of automatic splitting of debug...
2008-10-23 Adrian Schröter* Ups, wrong group
2008-10-23 Adrian Schröter* add patchlevel to schema
2008-10-19 Adrian Schröter* handle medium parameter for extra packages.
2008-10-01 Adrian SchröterSupport "use_undecided" flag
2008-09-30 Lars Vogdt- added new global tag productline\n- added release...
2008-09-30 Adrian Schröterallow new product attributes
2008-09-26 Adrian Schröteradd the "take all packages flag"
2008-09-17 Michael Schröder- no cyclic or non-local includes, please
2008-09-17 Adrian Schröterfix conditional handling according to xsd
2008-09-16 Adrian Schröterfinal fixes for content file ! (if anyone believes...
2008-09-16 Adrian Schrötersmall checking before meeting ;)
2008-09-11 Klaas FreitagConditionals for groups
2008-09-11 Klaas Freitagconditions for the package elements of groups
2008-09-11 Adrian Schröterfix register syntax handling
2008-09-10 Adrian Schröter* switch to archsets definition
2008-09-10 Adrian SchröterCreate new product files for zypp
2008-09-10 Klaas FreitagSome adoptions to the new schema
2008-09-10 Adrian Schröterupdate group defintion
2008-09-09 Adrian Schröterupdate product definition parser and example file.
2008-09-08 Klaas Freitag- some tag renaming
2008-09-05 Klaas Freitagrelaxed xml definition: only one metadata section
2008-09-05 Adrian Schröter* Introduce schemeversion
2008-09-04 Adrian Schröter* schema fixes
2008-09-04 Adrian Schröter* Read expanded product file
2008-09-03 Michael Schröder- clean up a bit
2008-09-03 Adrian Schröter* support xi:includes. This way (just string replace...
2008-09-03 Adrian Schröterupdate to latest version of Product Definition
2008-09-02 Adrian Schröter* Add group check option for bs_admin