- add support for binaryversion query on packages
[opensuse:build-service.git] / dist /
2010-03-02 Adrian SchröterTypo fixes by Scott Bahling (#584620)
2010-02-26 Alexandr D. KanevskiyIgnore case while counting CPUs, as it might be "Proces...
2010-02-25 Adrian Schröterwarn about unsuccessfull network setup
2010-02-10 Adrian Schröter* Fix kvm check by checking for /dev/kvm
2010-02-08 Adrian Schröterfinal 1.7.0 spec file 1.7.0
2010-02-05 Adrian Schröterfix source service runtime failure
2010-02-03 Adrian Schrötermetion to run db:migrate for webui as well
2010-02-03 Adrian Schröter1.7.0 RC1 spec file
2010-02-03 Adrian Schröterstart after xend
2010-01-28 Adrian Schröterfix repos server path
2010-01-26 Adrian Schröter* Fix worker code download without SLP
2010-01-26 Adrian Schröter* fix dependencies for deb building
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröter* use src server as specified in buildinfo to support...
2010-01-25 Michael SchroederMerge branch '1.7' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-01-25 Stephan Kulowapi: unbreak /public URLs because of rails 1.1 "support"
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröter* run setup scripts only when configured in sysconfig...
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröter* more update and setup informations for new services.
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröterno more screen zombies
2010-01-19 Adrian Schrötersilence in init script
2010-01-19 Adrian Schrötermaster rudi reviewed my init scripts ... fixing ...
2010-01-19 Adrian Schröter* make directory of backend code configurable
2010-01-19 Adrian Schrötercosmetics
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröter* fix hypervisor checks
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröterregister SLP via reg files, instead via slptool
2010-01-17 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterdo not build on usb-stick in chroot mode
2010-01-17 Adrian Schrötermake worker working via SLP
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröter* write correct config
2010-01-16 Marcus Huewe- fixed osc call
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröterinclude appliance runlevel scripts into package (they...
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröterset run and log dir to correct permissions by default
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröter* fix creating /srv/obs/projects when creating the...
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröter* Switch to rails 2.3.5
2010-01-15 Adrian Schrötersome very basic scripts to setup the OBS appliance...
2010-01-15 Adrian SchröterSet defaults to work out-of-the-box
2010-01-12 Adrian Schröteradd cron job files to package
2010-01-05 Adrian Schrötersimpify webui setup, allow updaters to keep "production...
2010-01-04 Adrian Schröter* update spec file to get it working after webui change...
2010-01-04 Adrian Schröterremove last traces of production_slave
2010-01-04 Adrian Schröterremove not wanted default strings in sysconfig.
2009-12-23 Thomas Schmidtuse production environment files
2009-12-23 Adrian Schröterenable SLP by default also for the worker
2009-12-22 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2009-12-22 Thomas Schmidtadd webclient requires
2009-12-21 Adrian Schröterbuild fixes
2009-12-21 Adrian Schröter* update spec file to 1.6.85 (1.7 beta 1)
2009-12-11 Adrian Schröteradapt changes for webclient -> webui and frontend ...
2009-12-11 Adrian Schrötersign daemon parts are moved in own git repo
2009-12-09 Thomas Schmidtsome updates to the readme file
2009-12-09 Thomas Schmidtfix contact address
2009-11-30 Adrian SchröterAdd logrotate configurations
2009-11-30 Jan-Simon Möllerupdated import_src_debtree - more stable and resume
2009-11-29 Martin Mohring- fixed: obs-server then needs obs-build
2009-11-29 Martin Mohring- added: separate package for server side build script
2009-11-29 Martin Mohring- fixed: dont pack .gitignore files
2009-11-15 Martin Mohring- added: script to import a debian src tree into an...
2009-11-15 Martin Mohring- added: script to import a debian src tree into an...
2009-11-07 Adrian Schröter* fix spec file for 1.6.81
2009-11-04 Martin Mohring-added: packaging for the 2 new daemons: obswarden...
2009-11-03 Martin Mohring-fixed: importing has now a create and an update mode...
2009-11-02 Martin Mohring- fixed: make up to 4 retries to get a package
2009-10-28 Adrian Schröteradd init files and minimal docu for obssigner and obswa...
2009-10-26 Thomas Schmidtupdate notes
2009-10-26 Thomas Schmidtupdate notes
2009-10-22 Martin Mohring- added: ftp/http tree src rpm import script
2009-10-22 Martin Mohring- added: ftp/http tree src rpm import script
2009-10-22 Martin Mohring- fixed: ignore also devel package
2009-10-21 Thomas Schmidtrun webclient in production mode
2009-10-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: worker cache did not work for another reason
2009-10-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: worker cache should be owned by obsrun
2009-10-20 Martin Mohring- changed: removed trace output
2009-10-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: again fixed the obsworker script
2009-10-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: python sitelib dir not arch specific for openS...
2009-10-18 Martin Mohringchanged: openslp-server is needed in case registration...
2009-10-17 Martin Mohringchanged: adaption of the build all spec file to new...
2009-10-16 Adrian Schröter* add Should-Start: $remote_fs
2009-10-16 Adrian Schröterprepare first 1.7.0 alpha release, add SLP support...
2009-10-15 Marcus Rueckertdont create an unused database
2009-09-03 Martin Mohring- added: script to import lists of src rpms matching...
2009-08-16 Martin Mohring- added: package call-service-in-lxc.sh for the new...
2009-08-05 Berthold Gunrebenminor correction
2009-08-05 Berthold Gunrebensome changes found while installing obs
2009-07-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: better dont let everybody read the logfile
2009-07-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: create initial logfile if not present
2009-07-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: correct permission/ownership of log dirs front...
2009-06-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: devel package is now also used, e.g. in factory
2009-06-03 Martin Mohring- fixed: self provides is very bad
2009-06-03 Martin Mohringchanged: package renames of the obs-all-svn package
2009-06-03 Daniel Gollubobs_mirror_project: skip -debuginfo and -debugsource...
2009-05-27 Martin Mohring- fixed: better naming
2009-05-27 Martin Mohring- updated: realworld multihost setup worker example
2009-05-27 Martin Mohring- updated: .dist rc package file
2009-05-27 Martin Mohring- updated: enable dir listing also in the ssh sample...
2009-05-27 Pavol Rusnakenable directory listing for repository server
2009-05-10 Martin Mohring- added: package new osc manpage
2009-05-09 Martin Mohring- fixed: new python package requirements for osc
2009-05-06 Martin Mohring- changed: use template style domain names
2009-05-06 Martin Mohring- changed: sample config to no redundant config
2009-05-04 Martin Mohring- added: sample config with 2 virtual addresses offerin...
2009-05-01 Martin Mohring- changed: default schedulers for test and fully enable...