- add support for binaryversion query on packages
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / backend / BSXML.pm
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- add support for binaryversion query on packages
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröter* use src server as specified in buildinfo to support...
2010-01-11 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-01-11 Adrian Schröterfixes from review the schedulerstate handling with...
2010-01-10 Adrian Schröter* save scheduler state for each repo/arch
2009-12-18 Michael Schroeder- allow fileinfo view on unpublished binaries
2009-12-11 Michael Schroeder- add some comments, move code around, cleanup code
2009-12-07 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2009-12-07 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2009-12-07 Michael Schroeder- first stab at diff3 type patches ("branches")
2009-11-20 Michael Schröder- revert Rudi's change
2009-11-20 Ruediger OertelBSXML: add topadd for link
2009-11-18 Adrian Schröter- clean up patchinfo definition
2009-11-18 Adrian Schrötervalidate minimal set of required patchinfo content.
2009-11-17 Adrian Schröter* missing patchinfo xml definition
2009-10-29 Adrian Schröterfollow attribute schema changes
2009-10-19 Adrian Schröter* fix namespace only saving in project
2009-10-18 Adrian Schröter* attribute namespace definitions
2009-10-17 Adrian SchröterAdd definition for attribute definition in project...
2009-10-12 Michael Schröder- rename hdrid to the more common hdrmd5
2009-10-12 Michael Schröder- add metamd5 and sizek to getbinaryversions call
2009-10-05 Michael Schröder- change binaryversionlist result
2009-09-10 Adrian Schröterchange source update flag from "modifier" attribute...
2009-09-05 Adrian Schröter* add support for project/package cleanup after sr...
2009-09-01 Adrian Schröterlog request id numbers when accepting source requests
2009-07-10 Adrian SchröterSome first lines of code for source update service...
2009-06-17 Ruediger Oerteladd person lookup
2009-05-27 Michael Schröder- oops, should also trim the if statement
2009-05-27 Adrian Schröter* add change_devel request
2009-05-14 Michael Schröder- rewrite old style requests into new style
2009-05-14 Adrian Schröterrename inner 'request' element of requests to 'action...
2009-05-13 Adrian SchröterImplement new style of requests. Submit requests are...
2009-05-06 Ruediger OertelBSXML: opstatus: add exception (could come from api...
2009-05-05 Adrian Schrötersupport delete requests in backend
2009-04-28 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd an average build time display to the monitor page...
2009-04-22 Michael Schröder- support linkrev=base
2009-02-09 Adrian Schrötersend public download server in buildinfo for "osc build"
2009-02-02 Adrian SchröterFirst feature for post-1.5:
2009-01-19 Adrian Schröter* store build trigger reason also in jobhistory
2008-12-16 Michael Schröder- add sync tag
2008-12-03 Michael Schröder- return blocked in workerstatus
2008-12-03 Michael Schröder- write schedulerinfo data
2008-11-28 Adrian Schröter* improving storage of build reason, makeing a bit...
2008-11-27 Michael Schröder- make downloadondemand feature not that intrusive:
2008-11-26 Marcus Hüwe- adding download on demand feature to svn trunk (as...
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- update jobhistory layout
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröter* fix an Oops (aka stupid typo in mls language) in...
2008-11-07 Michael Schröder- added 'noinstall' flag, don't install the package...
2008-11-06 Andreas Bauer- backend stores binarydownload flags
2008-09-30 Michael Schröder- add builddepinfo call
2008-09-26 Michael Schröder - add repoarch to specify the scheduler architecture
2008-09-18 Michael Schröder- add support for some simple ip access control
2008-09-04 Michael Schröder- clean up kiwi
2008-09-02 Adrian Schröter* Add first version of product definition XML
2008-08-22 Michael Schröder- fix kiwi code in scheduler
2008-08-12 Adrian Schröterinstall packages from Preqs to be able to do install...
2008-07-28 Michael Schröder- use srcmd5
2008-07-25 Adrian Schröter* Extend kiwi schema for new tags
2008-07-08 Adrian Schröter- add initial quota support.
2008-07-03 Michael Schröder- add path to info section for kiwi. Using it will...
2008-06-30 Adrian Schröteradapt changes for kiwi 2.0 scheme
2008-06-20 Susanne Oberhauser- typo fixes
2008-05-28 Adrian Schröterfix support for file removal in _link files
2008-05-14 Michael Schröder- support devel project
2008-04-30 Adrian Schröterintroduce develproject, former known as maintainedin...
2008-04-08 Adrian Schröter* pattern dtd URLS moved from <pattern> to <patterns>
2008-04-07 Michael Schröder- do not put -debuginfo in :full tree
2008-04-04 Michael Schröder- reorder some functions in BSWatcher
2008-03-31 Michael Schröder- add linkinfo element
2008-01-30 Michael Schröder- move pubkey/signkey into package storage to keep...
2007-12-03 Michael Schröder- support signing with different keys
2007-11-23 Michael Schröder- rewrote job handling, finally sane and race free
2007-09-18 Michael Schröder- split dispatcher from repserver
2007-08-08 Adrian Schröteradapt products -> software and product -> item change
2007-08-07 Adrian Schröteradapt ymp file generation for yast-metapackage-handler 0.5
2007-08-03 Michael Schröder- support /published queries
2007-07-23 Michael Schröder- print names of illegal cpio files
2007-04-23 Michael Schröder- implement flags in projects and packages
2007-03-27 Michael Schröder- support _history request
2007-03-20 Michael Schröder- allow bigger logfiles
2007-03-13 Michael Schröder- set/use vminstall attributes
2007-03-01 Michael Schröder- fix bug in xen kill
2007-02-18 Michael Schröder- create DEBS link so that XEN debian build work
2007-02-05 Michael Schröder- fix bugs in logfile streaming
2007-01-25 Michael Schröder- fix truncated line in sorting algorithm
2007-01-24 Michael Schröder- initial checkin