- add support for binaryversion query on packages
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / backend / bs_repserver
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- add support for binaryversion query on packages
2010-03-02 Adrian SchröterMerge branch '1.7' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-03-01 Michael Schroeder- copy bs_worker's SEEK_SET workaround to bs_repserver
2010-02-16 Adrian SchröterMerge branch '1.7' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-02-16 Michael Schroeder- use new xml escape functions
2010-01-27 Michael Schroeder- fix local kiwi product building
2010-01-19 Adrian Schröterspeed up patch
2010-01-13 Adrian Schröter* validate if target dir is really a directory
2010-01-11 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-01-11 Adrian Schröterfixes from review the schedulerstate handling with...
2010-01-10 Adrian Schröter* save scheduler state for each repo/arch
2009-12-18 Michael Schroeder- make fileinfo_ext work
2009-12-18 Michael Schroeder- also set mtime/size
2009-12-18 Michael Schroeder- allow fileinfo view on unpublished binaries
2009-12-10 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2009-12-10 Michael Schroeder- change local kiwi product building to get kiwi from...
2009-11-25 Michael Schröder- get rid of "undefined value" warning
2009-11-24 Michael Schröder- sort and unify in view mode
2009-11-24 Michael Schröder- add view=pkgnames,revpkgnames to builddepinfo query
2009-11-19 Michael Schröder- also use _reverse call in getbuildhistory
2009-11-19 Michael Schröder- also use _reverse function for normal jobhistory...
2009-11-19 Michael Schröder- support 'package' filter in coolo's lastfailures...
2009-11-18 Michael Schröder- don't handoff view=entry jobs
2009-11-18 Michael Schröder- support view=entry in worker, too
2009-11-18 Michael Schröder- support view=entry on _log
2009-11-17 Michael Schröder- speed up workerstatus
2009-11-09 Michael Schröder- support 'end' in logfile query
2009-11-09 Michael Schröder- use undef instead of 0
2009-11-09 Michael Schröder- support coolo's 'lastfailures' query
2009-11-09 Michael Schröder- support limit also in buildhistory query
2009-11-09 Michael Schröder- use new filter functions
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe-fixed #552993 ("osc build -p doesn't work")
2009-11-04 Michael Schröder- only send event to signer if package signing is enabled
2009-11-03 Michael Schröder- put arch name into signer event
2009-11-02 Michael Schröder- add nometa parameter to getbinarylist route
2009-11-02 Michael Schröder- support view=binaryversions in _repository route
2009-10-29 Michael Schröder- show signer and warden status
2009-10-28 Michael Schröder- use signer for signing rpms
2009-10-27 Adrian Schröter* failed job if kiwi returns with an error
2009-10-26 Adrian Schröterfix bi-arch build of products, add missing repoarch...
2009-10-19 Michael Schröder- fix uploadbuild typos
2009-10-19 Michael Schröder- add uploadbuild for Rudi
2009-10-19 Michael Schröder- ignore dispatcher info in workerstatus request
2009-10-19 Michael Schröder- encode dispatcher data in FileDB style
2009-10-16 Michael Schröder- append stats to jobs/finished
2009-10-15 Michael Schröder- set content length in solv request
2009-10-15 Michael Schröder- add view=solv and view=solvstate repo queries
2009-10-14 Michael Schröder- don't add blib to INC, to error prone
2009-10-12 Michael Schröder- rename hdrid to the more common hdrmd5
2009-10-12 Michael Schröder- add metamd5 and sizek to getbinaryversions call
2009-10-07 Michael Schröder- delete bogus line that broke kiwi image buildinfo...
2009-10-06 Michael Schröder- use BSSolv perl module to speed things up
2009-10-06 Marcus Hüwe- added support to get only the last N bytes of a logfi...
2009-09-08 Michael Schröder- special case buildinfo generation for kiwi images...
2009-09-07 Michael Schröder- fetch logfile from job dir if status == finished
2009-09-04 Marcus Hüwe- removed debug statement
2009-09-04 Marcus Hüwe- fixed local builds of remoteprojects: every bdep...
2009-08-18 Marcus Hüwe- last part of the "inject-local-packagedata" patch
2009-08-06 Adrian Schröterhandle reporach parameters correct for product builds.
2009-08-06 Adrian Schröterthere is nothing like a repoarch="src", take the arch...
2009-06-25 Michael Schröder- put .bininfo into jobdir
2009-04-30 Michael Schröder- use correct directory
2009-04-29 Michael Schröder- add sign error to log file
2009-04-28 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd an average build time display to the monitor page...
2009-04-11 Marcus Hüwe- simplify...
2009-04-10 Marcus Hüwe- fix for the debuginfo stuff
2009-03-24 Marcus Hüwe- another small fix for #487400
2009-02-28 Martin Mohring- fixed typo introduced in -r 6486. bs_repserver should...
2009-02-25 Michael Schröder- fix relsync pool code
2009-02-22 Marcus Hüwe- downloadurl should be optional
2009-02-22 Marcus Hüwe- arghs committed too much... (removed debug statement)
2009-02-22 Marcus Hüwe- fall back to rundir
2009-02-18 Michael Schröder- make BSConfig::relsync_pool a hash ref like the other...
2009-02-18 Michael Schröder- use rundir
2009-02-18 Adrian Schrötermy coffee is not strong enough ...
2009-02-18 Adrian Schröteradd fallback, if no rundir is configured in BSConfig...
2009-02-18 Adrian SchröterAllow request of former built result, ignoring current
2009-02-17 Adrian Schröter* cleanup/revert parts of the relsync sepereation code...
2009-02-13 Adrian SchröterAdd support to seperate release number syncing into...
2009-02-12 Adrian Schröterfix result handling of local image building
2009-02-09 Adrian Schrötersend public download server in buildinfo for "osc build"
2009-02-06 Adrian Schröter* fix displayed status of succeeded unchanged builds
2009-02-06 Adrian Schröterfix architecture usage for kiwi product buildinfo
2009-02-02 Adrian SchröterFirst feature for post-1.5:
2009-02-01 Martin Mohring- changed: use configurable rundir now also in the...
2009-01-26 Michael Schröder- use dependency ignorelist when finding buildroot...
2009-01-19 Michael Schröder- accept both styles of relsync data
2009-01-10 Adrian Schrötersucceed on upload of kiwi disc image files as well
2009-01-09 Michael Schröder- fix subdir support in full trees
2008-12-17 Michael Schröder- use "-s" instead "-e" to suppress a warning
2008-12-17 Michael Schröder- add missing "keys"
2008-12-17 Michael Schröder- use versrel.bcnt for relsync
2008-12-16 Michael Schröder- add support for relsync requests
2008-12-03 Michael Schröder- fix code filter in jobhistory query
2008-12-03 Michael Schröder- argh
2008-12-03 Michael Schröder- fix syntax
2008-12-03 Michael Schröder- return blocked in workerstatus
2008-11-28 Marcus Hüwe- minor dod fix (getbinarylist_repository)
2008-11-27 Marcus Hüwe- minor fixes to make download on demand working again
2008-11-27 Michael Schröder- make downloadondemand feature not that intrusive: