kiwi 4.1 support
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / backend /
2010-02-02 Adrian Schröterkiwi 4.1 support
2010-02-02 Adrian Schrötersupport kiwi 4.1 <type image= attribute
2009-09-08 Adrian Schröteradd missing kiwi elements
2009-09-02 Adrian Schröteraccept bootinclude attribute
2009-08-31 Adrian Schröteradd new checkprebuilt attribute
2009-08-12 Adrian Schröteradd new boot-theme element
2009-03-12 Adrian Schröter* add EC2 key values
2009-03-06 Adrian Schrötersupport for new KIWI tags
2009-01-10 Adrian Schrötersupport new oem tags in kiwi files
2008-11-07 Michael Schröder- add oem-home
2008-10-07 Adrian Schrötersupport vmware and xen sections in kiwi
2008-10-06 Adrian Schröteradd "onlyarch" information for meta packages.
2008-09-11 Klaas Freitagconditions for the package elements of groups
2008-09-11 Adrian Schröter* support new options for Jan ;)
2008-09-10 Klaas FreitagOngoing kiwi file gen, first valid kiwi conf created
2008-09-08 Klaas Freitag- some tag renaming
2008-09-05 Klaas Freitagrelaxed xml definition: only one metadata section
2008-09-05 Adrian SchröterAdjust KIWI XML and add output directory path to kiwi...
2008-09-04 Adrian Schröter* schema fixes
2008-09-02 Adrian Schröter* seperate Kiwi desc also in seperate file as requested...