Match comment to obsstoragesetup:113
[opensuse:build-service.git] / dist / sysconfig.obs-worker
2010-08-02 David GreavesMatch comment to obsstoragesetup:113
2010-05-06 Adrian SchröterOffer a hook for downloading and executing a script...
2010-05-05 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-05 Adrian Schröter* support creation of pv, vg and lv volumes, esp. usefu...
2010-04-13 Jan Engelhardtobsworker: use nice level 18 by default, not 19
2010-04-09 Jan-Simon MöllerCleanup VM worker disk setup options in sysconfig.obs...
2010-03-28 Martin Mohringadded configuration of KVM autosetup
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröter* make VM type configurable
2010-02-16 Adrian Schröteradd sysconfig template for worker ncie level
2010-02-10 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröter* run setup scripts only when configured in sysconfig...
2010-01-17 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-01-17 Adrian Schrötermake worker working via SLP
2010-01-04 Adrian Schröterremove not wanted default strings in sysconfig.
2009-12-23 Adrian Schröterenable SLP by default also for the worker
2009-11-07 Adrian Schröter* fix spec file for 1.6.81
2009-10-20 Martin Mohring- fixed: again fixed the obsworker script
2009-01-25 Martin Mohring- changed: rcobs script code, with sysconfig var, obs...
2009-01-24 Martin Mohring- fixed: rcobs script rundir patch
2008-11-27 Susanne Oberhauser- prepare pacakge update to 1.5
2008-05-05 Adrian Schröterenable again the distributed worker support
2008-04-25 Adrian Schrötersync with package files
2008-04-18 Adrian Schröterfix support for distributed workers. One just need...
2008-02-18 Michal MarekAdded option --port to bs_worker and OBS_WORKER_PORTBAS...
2007-11-12 Susanne OberhauserGive the obs package a home in the svn.