fix 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 release notes
[opensuse:build-service.git] / dist /
2010-09-01 Adrian Schröter[dist] remove obsolete and not working webui cronjob...
2010-08-03 David GreavesMake a filesystem on this new cache LV as we'll mount...
2010-08-03 Adrian Schröterfix also the other places where old "use_obs" was used
2010-08-02 David GreavesUse newly calculated NUM, not default of 0.
2010-08-02 David GreavesMatch comment to obsstoragesetup:113
2010-07-20 Adrian Schröteradd 2.0.4 packaging bits 2.0.4
2010-07-13 Adrian Schröter[backend] Filter SLP announcements to localhost, they...
2010-07-12 Adrian Schröterapi/webui setup: create initial secret.key file
2010-06-30 Adrian Schröterwrite ip address instead of DNS name to api config...
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröterreport warning of lacking signing based on config,... 2.0.2
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröter* update 2.0.2 spec file
2010-06-28 Adrian Schrötertest for both possible hardware number generator devices
2010-06-28 Adrian Schröterenable signing only if local instance has a hardware...
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterfix layout of status output
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterfix preconfiguration of workers
2010-06-15 Adrian Schrötersupport server status in runlevel script "status" command
2010-06-14 Adrian Schröteradd hint for using database.yml.example
2010-06-14 Adrian Schröterups wrong IP
2010-06-10 Adrian Schröterrecreate signd config when appliance got updated. 2.0.0
2010-06-09 Adrian Schröterdo not use virtualization, if mkinitrd fails
2010-06-08 Adrian Schröteravoid warning in non-pxe case
2010-06-07 Adrian Schrötersupport gpg key generation and signd setup for the... 1.9.92
2010-06-07 Adrian Schröterups, logfiles belong to lighttpd .... (thanks to Nikita...
2010-06-07 Michael Schroeder- integrate sparc patches from Jan
2010-06-07 Adrian Schröteradd updater special informations for 1.7 -> 2.0 update.
2010-06-05 Martin Mohringchanged back to show osc commands to report errors
2010-05-28 Adrian Schröterrevert start before, better change slpd behaviour
2010-05-28 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-28 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-28 Adrian Schröterstart repserver before slpd
2010-05-28 Adrian Schrötermake lighttpd.conf static, create symlink to repos...
2010-05-28 Adrian Schröteradd a hint to chown log files to avoid startup errors
2010-05-27 Thomas Schmidtwe don't need a hostname here
2010-05-27 Martin Mohringpackage also the RPM and Debian tree import scripts
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidtenhance readme
2010-05-14 Adrian Schröterinclude feedback from Petr Vanek <>
2010-05-14 Adrian Schröteradd and package logrotate files.
2010-05-07 Adrian Schrötersupport localkiwi (aka product build) worker
2010-05-07 Adrian Schröternew snapshot spec file
2010-05-07 Adrian Schrötersupport LVM on md devices
2010-05-07 Adrian Schröterdo not clever appliance logic in this script, this...
2010-05-07 Adrian Schröterfix shell script syntax
2010-05-06 Adrian Schröteruse FHS compliant directory defaults
2010-05-06 Adrian SchröterOffer a hook for downloading and executing a script...
2010-05-06 Adrian Schrötercreate LVM type partitions on empty disks in "take_all...
2010-05-05 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-05 Adrian Schröter* support creation of pv, vg and lv volumes, esp. usefu...
2010-05-05 Adrian Schröterfix to use OBS_WORKER_DIRECTORY
2010-05-05 Adrian Schröterfix to use OBS_WORKER_DIRECTORY
2010-05-05 Adrian Schröterfix path names during boot time.
2010-05-04 Adrian SchröterFix boot order, ensure to get network started first...
2010-05-04 Adrian Schröter* make cache partition optional
2010-05-03 Adrian Schröterallow sshd configuration via obs setup config
2010-04-30 Adrian Schröter* extend, not replace /etc/buildhost.config to allow...
2010-04-30 Adrian Schröter* make storagesetup working for OBS-Worker appliances...
2010-04-30 Thomas Schmidtlisten on all hostnames like the api
2010-04-29 Adrian Schröter* do not use db:setup anymore (users missing)
2010-04-29 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-29 Thomas Schmidtfix for api setup
2010-04-26 Adrian Schröterminor cleanup
2010-04-23 Adrian Schröteruse "db:setup" on first database creation.
2010-04-23 Adrian Schröterwrite correct DOWNLOAD_URL config for webui.
2010-04-21 Adrian SchröterShuffle also specifal build hosts
2010-04-21 Ruediger Oertelextend rsync timeout and add "--delete-excluded"
2010-04-21 Adrian Schröterenable virtio for kvm by default
2010-04-21 Adrian Schröterupdate spec file to current snapshot version in :Unstable
2010-04-21 Adrian Schröteradd dependency to needed tools for source server
2010-04-21 Adrian Schröterensure that needed tools are installed (used by source...
2010-04-20 Adrian Schröterfix dependencies, srcserver might run on another system
2010-04-19 Adrian Schröterwe need a newer createrepo to support the repo tag.
2010-04-19 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-17 Adrian Schröteravoid warning on startup with cachedir
2010-04-13 Jan Engelhardtobsworker: use nice level 18 by default, not 19
2010-04-13 Jan Engelhardtdist: set +x bits on files
2010-04-13 Adrian Schröteryet another attempt to make cpu counting working everyw...
2010-04-09 Jan-Simon MöllerFix the worker startup for KVM.
2010-04-09 Jan-Simon MöllerCleanup VM worker disk setup options in sysconfig.obs...
2010-04-09 Jan-Simon MöllerCleanup VM worker disk setup options
2010-03-28 Jan-Simon Mölleradded support for arm architure strings from armv4...
2010-03-28 Martin Mohringadded configuration of KVM autosetup
2010-03-28 Martin Mohringfixed: rpmcpio script is not a regular command, expand it
2010-03-23 Adrian Schrötermake lighttpd bind to all IPs for api and repo vhost
2010-03-16 Adrian Schröterset memory usage to 256MB as default, if not configured...
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröter* make VM type configurable
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröterfix startproc handling, linux kernel has a limit of...
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröterhint the user to finish setup of OBS via admin webui
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröterfix obs_productconverter execution
2010-03-10 David GreavesAdd LDAP/SSL support and make dependency on ldap optional
2010-03-09 Adrian Schröterfix package xml element order handling, drop never...
2010-03-09 Adrian Schröter* sync with 1.7.52 snapshot
2010-03-05 Adrian Schröter* fix startup of api and webui delayed, processes must...
2010-03-04 David GreavesUpdated LDAP authentication
2010-03-02 Marcus HueweMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-02 Adrian SchröterTypo fixes by Scott Bahling (#584620)
2010-02-26 Alexandr D. KanevskiyIgnore case while counting CPUs, as it might be "Proces...
2010-02-18 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-18 Adrian Schrötervery first OBS 2.0(aka 1.8) snapshot spec file
2010-02-18 Luke ImhoffAdd LDAP as an authentication method for the API.
2010-02-16 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-16 Adrian Schröterfix a logic mistake from last commit