- dont use ~> 2.0! it will break if the user got a newer rails installed
[opensuse:build-service.git] / documentation /
2008-10-28 Lars Vogdt- added some global glossary entries
2008-10-28 Thomas SchraitleExtended to make it work on current susedoc
2008-10-09 Marcus Schaeffer- update scheme for inst-source setup
2008-09-19 Marcus Schaeffer- update kiwi manual page
2008-09-09 Marcus Schaeffer- update kiwi scheme
2008-09-02 Marcus Schaeffer- added product attribute
2008-08-25 Marcus Schaeffer- fixed clean target
2008-08-25 Marcus Schaeffer- added clean target
2008-07-30 Marcus Schaeffer- update rnc schema, added arch attr. for <configuration>
2008-07-15 Jan-Christoph Born... - added attribute "local=[boolean]" to the instrepo...
2008-07-14 Marcus Schaeffer- allow multiple preferences sections
2008-07-10 Jan-Christoph Born... - added new element in <architectures> to specify which...
2008-07-09 Marcus Schaeffer- allow usb attribute in vmwareconfig section
2008-07-08 Thomas SchraitleIf @name in image is not available, create one
2008-07-08 Thomas SchraitleFirst draft
2008-07-07 Thomas SchraitleMissing xsl:apply-templates inserted
2008-07-07 Thomas SchraitleHelp Marcus with removing attributes
2008-07-07 Marcus Schaeffer- update changes by jcborn
2008-06-24 Marcus Schaeffer- added ovf support
2008-06-20 Marcus Schaeffer- added additive attribute
2008-06-03 Marcus Schaeffer- update manual page
2008-05-23 Marcus Schaeffer- new oem-recovery element
2008-05-21 Marcus Schaeffer- added kiwirevision and id attributes to <image> tag
2008-05-19 Marcus Schaeffer- new oem tags
2008-05-16 Marcus Schaeffer- schema changes from Jan (instsource)
2008-05-15 Thomas SchraitleAdded additional check for version 2.1
2008-05-15 Thomas SchraitleInserted new stylesheet. At the moment it does nothing...
2008-05-08 Marcus Schaeffer- update kiwi schema
2008-04-16 Marcus Schaeffer- schema attribute enhancements
2008-04-08 Marcus Schaeffer- allow packages type="testing"
2008-04-08 Marcus Schaeffer- update kiwi schema (instsource)
2008-03-28 Thomas SchraitleFixed bug 374370 and inserted missing --base-root option
2008-03-14 Marcus Schaeffer- update schema, allow ext2/3 and reiserfs for fsreadon...
2008-03-10 Thomas SchraitleDescribed examples in kiwi-doc (first draft, may need...
2008-03-10 Thomas SchraitlePreparing structure for new examples.
2008-03-07 Marcus Schaeffer- update schema
2008-03-03 Marcus Schaeffer- update kiwi schema files
2008-02-26 Thomas SchraitleCorrected handling of non-split contents and copy all...
2008-02-26 Thomas SchraitleElement type:
2008-02-25 Marcus Schaeffer- update comment for schema conversion
2008-02-25 Thomas SchraitleTemplate type: Corrected handling of attribute filesyst...
2008-02-25 Thomas SchraitleElement type: Split attribute filesystem into fsreadwri...
2008-02-25 Thomas SchraitleChanged template for type:
2008-02-15 Thomas SchraitleAdded conversation stylesheet from Schema version 1...
2008-02-12 Thomas SchraitleDealing with Martina's comments
2008-02-12 Thomas SchraitleRemarks from Martina
2008-02-06 Marcus Schaeffer- fixed split section of schema description
2008-01-30 Thomas SchraitleFixed typo in code markup
2008-01-30 Thomas SchraitleAdded list of available attributes for type in reposito...
2008-01-29 Jan-Christoph Born... - fixed package requirements for usb image
2008-01-28 Thomas SchraitleTake care of interleaves
2008-01-28 Thomas SchraitleRemoved kiwi.dtd
2008-01-28 Marcus Schaeffer- allow interleave ordering
2008-01-23 Thomas SchraitleProtect important space in filename with &nbsp;
2008-01-23 Thomas SchraitleAnother hint from jcb: Added example call of qemu
2008-01-23 Thomas SchraitleAnother hint from jcb: Space in filename
2008-01-23 Thomas SchraitleCorrections from jcb: Vmware -> VMware
2008-01-22 Thomas SchraitleAdded final corrections from Tanja. Thanks
2008-01-22 Thomas SchraitleChanged title from section sec.kiwi.usb again
2008-01-22 Thomas SchraitleChanged title from section sec.kiwi.usb; removed remark
2008-01-22 Thomas SchraitleFixed typo: you -> your
2008-01-22 Thomas SchraitleAdded note in section sec.kiwi.usb to give reader a...
2008-01-21 Thomas SchraitleProofreading from Martina
2008-01-17 Thomas SchraitleChanged title of section sec.kiwi.usb
2008-01-17 Thomas SchraitleRephrased some steps
2008-01-17 Thomas SchraitleAdded an install step
2008-01-17 Thomas SchraitleAdded first para for section sec.kiwi.usb
2008-01-16 Thomas SchraitleAdded another section about creating bootable USB Stick...
2008-01-16 Thomas SchraitleAdded section "Additional Information" with references...
2008-01-16 Thomas SchraitleFigure fig.kiwi.image-types: Changed size 90% -> 60...
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleCreate a variablelist with some explanations of the...
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleCreated a config.xml file into a "folder"
2008-01-15 Thomas Schraitleulink -> filename
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleRephrased section sec.kiwi.background
2008-01-15 Thomas Schraitle- Section sec.kiwi.whatis: Removed old para and inserte...
2008-01-15 Thomas Schraitle- Create a "folder"
2008-01-15 Thomas Schraitle- Rephrased stupid sentence about KIWI's configuration...
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleRephrased paras slightly
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleCorrected title for section sec.kiwi.background
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleAdded a bit more background information
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleRemoved attributes floatstyle and float from figure
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleAdded figure and xref
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleArrgh. Committed to the wrong directory, moved SVG...
2008-01-15 Thomas Schraitle- Rephrased "10.3 and greater."
2008-01-15 Thomas SchraitleFirst (simplified) SVG file taken from Marcus' kiwi...
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleAdded background section (work in progress)
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleAdded link to KIWI RNG Schema documentation
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleFixed small typos, added missing filename
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleAdded rule to convert RNC into XSD and DTD (maybe usefu...
2008-01-14 Marcus Schaeffer- update manual page according to proofread results...
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleCorrected WARNING string
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleRemoved stylesheet and rule for generating RNG -> XHTML
2008-01-14 Thomas Schraitle- Cleanup: Removed unused keys
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleFixed nasty bug: Some attribute occured twice but not...
2008-01-14 Thomas SchraitleRemoved obsolete intro parameter
2008-01-11 Marcus Schaeffer- added kiwi manual pages:
2008-01-11 Thomas Schraitle- Renamed variables defname -> parentdefname, defsimpl...
2008-01-11 Marcus Schaeffer- update schema docu notation
2008-01-11 Thomas SchraitleAdded missing docu string for attribute repository...
2008-01-11 Thomas Schraitle- Added role in refsect1 for content model and attributes