[backend] fix typo in BSXPathKey. does not fix Adrian's search bug, though
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / backend / BSXPathKeys.pm
2010-11-10 Michael Schroeder[backend] fix typo in BSXPathKey. does not fix Adrian...
2010-08-26 bbrunnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-07-19 Michael Schroeder- use non-fatal getpackage() function, fix typo
2010-07-19 Michael Schroeder- optimize "and" searches a bit more
2010-06-09 Martin MohringMerge branch 'aclsupport' of git+ssh://mercury/opensuse...
2010-05-19 Michael Schroeder- relax limit check a bit, use 413 as error code
2010-05-18 Michael Schroeder- implement limit for publish search
2007-08-03 Michael Schröder- support /published queries
2007-07-23 Michael Schröder- print names of illegal cpio files