Be a "bad build host" if the build did not create any logfile at all.
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / backend / bs_worker
2010-06-18 Adrian SchröterBe a "bad build host" if the build did not create any...
2010-06-07 Michael Schroeder- integrate sparc patches from Jan
2010-05-21 Michael Schroeder- add project/package undelete
2010-05-20 Michael Schroeder- change norootexceptions again: it's more flexible...
2010-05-20 Adrian Schröterrun build as root also if a package has been tagged...
2010-05-10 Adrian Schröteradd hppa to dispatcher as well and make linux32/64...
2010-05-10 Adrian Schröteradd parisc/hppa arch
2010-05-03 Adrian Schröterdon't break build with non-current build script code
2010-05-03 Adrian Schröter* allow a default setting of hostcheck script via BSCon...
2010-05-02 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd definitions for cbpreinstall and cbinstall to worke...
2010-04-26 Michael Schroeder- fix careful pruning code subpack check
2010-04-22 Michael Schroeder- pre-prune meta array to bring memory usage down
2010-04-09 Jan-Simon MöllerCleanup VM worker disk setup options in bs_worker
2010-04-09 Michael Schroeder- use text/plain for the logfile so that coolo doesn...
2010-03-31 Michael Schroeder- also pick up all files from the .build.packages dir
2010-03-28 Jan-Simon Mölleradded support for arm architure strings from armv4...
2010-03-28 Martin Mohringadded new KVM autosetup parameters to bs_worker
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröterfix execution from non local directory
2010-03-09 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-09 Ruediger Oertelreset die handler in bs_worker
2010-03-08 Michael Schroeder- reset PIPE before calling the build script
2010-03-08 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-05 Michael Schroeder- don't manage the cache that often for kiwi products
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- don't send cache requests if no cachedir is defined
2010-03-03 Michael Schroeder- implement caching for kiwi product builds
2010-02-10 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2010-01-25 Michael Schroeder- add back --srcserver in hostcheck call so that autobu...
2010-01-25 Michael Schroeder- change srcserver handling to be backward compatible
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröter* use src server as specified in buildinfo to support...
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröterrestart failed build jobs, detected due to "bad host...
2010-01-02 Adrian Schrötertest
2010-01-02 Adrian Schrötercall correct sparc32 helper app
2010-01-02 Adrian Schröteradd sparc64v, v9 and v8
2010-01-02 Adrian Schröteradd more sparc architectures
2009-11-30 Michael Schröder- oops
2009-11-30 Michael Schröder- chown to make local delivery work
2009-11-27 Michael Schröder- re-enable linksources for local kiwi builds
2009-11-27 Michael Schröder- support product building
2009-11-18 Michael Schröder- oops, no stdreply in worker
2009-11-18 Michael Schröder- support view=entry in worker, too
2009-11-06 Adrian Schröteradd argument to hand over --jobs to build script
2009-11-05 Michael Schröder- oops, add missing "eval" around binaryversions rpc...
2009-11-05 Michael Schröder- grr, better do it this way...
2009-11-05 Michael Schröder- make it work with old perl versions
2009-11-03 Michael Schröder- fix typo in kiwi-product meta calculation
2009-10-28 Michael Schröder- use project/repository/reposerver buildinfo entries
2009-10-27 Michael Schröder- check if we're building at all on /info request with...
2009-10-13 Michael Schröder- oops
2009-10-13 Michael Schröder- check nometa to be on the safe side
2009-10-13 Michael Schröder- make meta handling even better
2009-10-13 Michael Schröder- don't set 'meta' if nometa is requested
2009-10-13 Michael Schröder- add link_or_copy function to fix kiwi image builds
2009-10-12 Michael Schröder- add --cachedir and --cachesize options
2009-10-06 Marcus Hüwe- added support to get only the last N bytes of a logfi...
2009-05-27 Michael Schröder- fix typo
2009-05-27 Michael Schröder- improve /info request
2009-05-27 Michael Schröder- beautify code a bit
2009-02-26 Adrian Schröteravoid forever hanging worker processes on broken system...
2009-02-16 Adrian SchröterOops, a runtime error introduced in last change. fixed.
2009-02-16 Adrian Schröter* revert disttag support
2009-02-09 Adrian Schröteradd support for disttag
2009-02-09 Adrian SchröterSupport for
2009-02-05 Adrian Schröterignore same build result, if relsync triggered build.
2009-02-02 Adrian Schröteradd old packages dir as argument of build script call
2009-02-02 Adrian SchröterFirst feature for post-1.5:
2009-01-22 Adrian Schröter* fix image building within XEN (last blocker for 1...
2009-01-20 Michael Schröder- ignore PIPE also in oneshot mode
2008-12-05 Martin Mohring- added: new armv7el arch for all binaries for up to...
2008-11-27 Michael Schröder- make downloadondemand feature not that intrusive:
2008-11-26 Marcus Hüwe- adding download on demand feature to svn trunk (as...
2008-11-22 Martin Mohring- added: missing last parts of Cross Development support
2008-11-21 Michael Schröder- add support for kiwi product creation
2008-11-20 Michael Schröder- don't use :/ dirs, let the build script set up a...
2008-11-17 Martin Mohring- added: support for ARMv5 EABI little endian arch
2008-11-14 Michael Schröder- use buildinfo path to get kiwi config
2008-11-13 Michael Schröder- sort kiwi-image meta
2008-11-07 Michael Schröder- better kiwi-image support
2008-11-07 Michael Schröder- oops
2008-11-06 Michael Schröder- use 'build' to build kiwi images
2008-11-04 Ruediger Oerteldon't deamonize in oneshot mode
2008-11-04 Michael Schröder- backport rudi's worker changes
2008-10-30 Michael Schröder- better support for kiwi builds
2008-10-27 Ruediger Oertelmax logfile size back up from 70 to 500M to make ppc...
2008-10-24 Adrian Schröter- also send coolo's .desktopfiles back
2008-09-26 Susanne Oberhauser- fix a progress message
2008-09-12 Michael Schröder- rename some files, esp .config was a bad choice
2008-08-22 Michael Schröder- fix kiwi code in scheduler
2008-08-15 Ruediger Oertelalways set logfile as argument for build, not only...
2008-08-12 Adrian Schrötersupport root/ dir via tar ball for kiwi configs
2008-07-28 Michael Schröder- use srcmd5
2008-07-28 Michael Schröder- calculate kiwi meta file from all involved sources...
2008-07-28 Adrian Schrötersupport for usage of multiple repositories and inherite...
2008-07-23 Michael Schröder- implement hostcheck and badhost handling
2008-07-01 Michael Schröder- add noxxxupdate options
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nussel--noworkercheck requires no argument
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusseldon't use extra vm for extracting packages, build handl...
2008-06-26 Michael Schröder- add --oneshot and --noworkercheck options
2008-06-20 Susanne Oberhauser- typo fixes
2008-06-04 Michael Schröder- no hermes in the worker!
2008-06-03 Klaas Freitag- First Hermes notifications added to srcserver and...