[webui] Fixed last commit that broke the testsuite.
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / webui / app / controllers / project_controller.rb
2010-10-28 Sascha Peilicke[webui] Fixed last commit that broke the testsuite.
2010-10-28 Sascha Peilicke[webui] Fix for bug #513167.
2010-09-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] use the gem version parser to compare upstream...
2010-09-15 Adrian Schröter[webui] handle toggle watch correctly if no referer...
2010-09-14 Adrian Schröter[webui] move watch/unwatch button to watch list directly
2010-09-10 Adrian Schröter[webui] make it possible to hide the "disable sourceacc...
2010-09-07 Adrian Schröter[webui] fix path adding to a repository (#637384)
2010-09-03 Stephan Kulow[webui] don't crash on packages without longest path...
2010-09-03 Adrian Schröter[webui] add option to create a project or package with...
2010-08-27 Adrian Schröter[webui] grummel, don't try to fix a broken distribution...
2010-08-27 Adrian Schröter[webui] don't crash on empty archs.
2010-08-26 Adrian Schröter[webui] take care about default architectures in simple...
2010-08-26 bbrunnerMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-08-06 Stephan Kulow[webui] simplify repository state page
2010-08-05 Stephan Kulow[webui] forbid to submit unchanged repo page (tried...
2010-07-21 Adrian Schröter[webui] show number of projects linking to project...
2010-07-15 Adrian Schröter[webui] fix removal of pathes in repositories, don...
2010-07-15 Adrian Schröter[webui] split advanced and simple "add repository"...
2010-07-15 Adrian Schröter[webui] fix enabling of submit button after editing...
2010-07-14 Adrian SchröterMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/11' of git://gitoriou...
2010-07-12 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix relogin
2010-06-30 Stephan Kulowmake the spider test more easy to watch and fix status of
2010-06-30 Thomas Schmidt[webui] catch nil
2010-06-30 Thomas Schmidt[webui] replace illegal characters globally
2010-06-25 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix project status if no attributes are there
2010-06-25 Thomas Schmidt[webui] don't try to autocomplete illegal package names
2010-06-21 Stephan Kulow[webui] remove adrian's broken work around
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterdon't crash on projects without packages
2010-06-17 Stephan Kulow[webui] show diffs in links/branches
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] require valid repo for rebuild_time
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] support delete requests for projects (#19885 :)
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] require login for some actions
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] require the project for more actions
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] require paramters
2010-06-15 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fixed changing of attributes, gave the attribut...
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] update for the rebuild time page
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] add the first post-2.0 feature:
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] use activexml as it's meant to
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] another fix for repository state - this time...
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix repository state page
2010-06-10 Adrian Schröteroptimize data collection for repository state page.
2010-06-09 Martin MohringMerge branch 'aclsupport' of git+ssh://mercury/opensuse...
2010-06-02 Stephan Kulow[webui] catch and show errors on saving _meta and _link
2010-06-02 Stephan Kulow[webui] some small changes to repo state
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulow[webui] fixing 2 more exceptions
2010-05-28 Stephan Kulow[webui] free cache when things change
2010-05-28 Benjamin BrunnerChanged buglist from table to list
2010-05-27 Stephan Kulowsome cleanup in the patchinfo handling
2010-05-27 Benjamin BrunnerAdded the basic functions for a Patchinfo editor
2010-05-26 Thomas Schmidt[webui] don't redirect to the only project automatically
2010-05-21 Adrian Schröter* Add repository state page to show build cycles and...
2010-05-21 Stephan Kulow[webui] discard caches when the browser doesn't want...
2010-05-17 Stephan Kulow[webui] 'add package' is a project action not a package one
2010-05-06 Stephan Kulow[webui] work on edit repository
2010-05-05 Thomas Schmidt[webui] move list_my to home controller, can query...
2010-04-29 Stephan Kulow[webui] also load the project for autocomplete packages
2010-04-28 Stephan Kulow[webui] free cache on reload buildstatus
2010-04-28 Stephan Kulow[webui] continue work on harmonized request lists
2010-04-28 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix the errors of the night
2010-04-27 Stephan Kulow[webui] harmonize request pages
2010-04-27 Stephan Kulowgive google a meaningful error
2010-04-27 Stephan Kulowuse the value function
2010-04-27 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-04-27 Stephan Kulow[webui] do no longer delay the load of build status...
2010-04-27 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix more XHTML pages
2010-04-26 Stephan Kulow[webui] make expansion errors a click event
2010-04-26 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-04-26 Stephan Kulowfix typo
2010-04-26 Stephan Kulowhelp debugging if someone sneaks in new states :)
2010-04-23 Stephan Kulow[webui] Add 'Raw config' to package
2010-04-23 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-04-23 Adrian Schröterrename "expansion error" -> "unresolvable"
2010-04-23 Thomas Schmidt[webui] clear caches on project remove
2010-04-21 Stephan Kulow[webui] make 'clear comment' use ajax
2010-04-20 Adrian Schröterindenting fixes
2010-04-19 Adrian Schrötermake webui aware of "signing" state
2010-04-19 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/build...
2010-04-18 Stephan Kulow[webui] catch requests for new packages
2010-04-18 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix links to monitor page
2010-04-18 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix some regressions
2010-04-18 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix handling of links
2010-04-16 Stephan KulowRewrite the flag commands
2010-04-15 Stephan Kulow[webui] make the flag toggles do something
2010-04-15 Thomas Schmidt[webui] use the distributions list provided by the api
2010-04-15 Thomas Schmidt[webui] return 0 on missing buildresult
2010-04-15 Stephan Kulowremove platform controller and associated files
2010-04-15 Stephan Kulowno build result -> no problems
2010-04-14 Thomas Schmidt[webui] show also parent projects on subprojects page
2010-04-14 Stephan Kulowwe need to have check_user for (most) actions, so remov...
2010-04-13 Thomas Schmidt[webui] added link to branch package
2010-04-12 Stephan Kulowcatch errors in looking for changes
2010-04-12 Thomas Schmidt[webui] added an advanced build target search
2010-04-12 Thomas Schmidt[webui] improve the add target page
2010-04-12 Thomas Schmidt[webui] reworked "add repo" page
2010-04-12 Stephan Kulow[webui] check for expansionerror
2010-04-12 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fix watch toggle
2010-04-09 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fix user management pages, cache projects for...
2010-04-09 Thomas Schmidt[webui] work on project and package index pages
2010-04-08 Thomas Schmidt[webui] trigger search also on checkbox change
2010-04-08 Thomas Schmidt[webui] autocomplete also home projects